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The last two months have totally started to show what all the stress does to me. I saw a thread in the main forum saying that stress makes you beta, and I can't agree more. I'm uncertain with myself right now, I literally want to lose everything right now, just so I can start from the beginning again. Clean slate.

Anyways, I just finished day three of the blueprint. It's incredible the things I'm seeing and understanding now thanks to it. I assume all I need now is more experience in the field to be able to manipulate all these things I'm seeing. One thing I did learn today though, establishing good eye contact can be an opener enough. Usually when a woman and I used to lock eyes, I'd turn away. Today, I decided to hold eye contact there with every girl, and they just started to talk, like THEY needed to validate themselves in my eyes. I'm currently testing it on EVERY girl I know, just to see how the results may vary.

There's one girl I've been unsuccessfully been trying to make a day 2 with, but nothing is working, despite the fact the she really enjoyed the first outting. The downside is, she's about to leave for 5 weeks. And we all know how fast girls move onto something new, so I've felt like if I can't close before she leaves, I'm fucked. Am I? Who knows.

I hate being dependant on other factors for my happiness or lackthereof. It's a stressful time in my life right now, with overtime work, moving houses, deadlines, and all this self actualization happening, but why can't I just be happy instead? I try to tell myself to be happy, but it's just a fake state, and it's so easy for other people to tell.

Anyways, I could probably ramble on for HOURS right now, but nothing is overly relevant. As Tyler said, how many of our thoughts are useless and repetitive? So I don't want to focus on them. just going to go for a drive, grab a bite to eat, then meditate.

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