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Intent + Freedom from Outcome LOTS OF VALUE INSIDE

Okay SO, just finished watching Tyler's free tour vid, that shit is life changing. What I wanted to verbalize, or summarize on paper is the idea I feel will help.

Intent is conveying the same feelings you had upon initial reaction to seeing the girl, in your approach. What this means, is when you see the girl and go 'holy fuck.... That's for me! (Tim steez.)" carry that SAME energy into your approach. Don't hold back emotions, like you don't want to be embarrassed, or have your true intentions found out before you want them to be. NO. Convey that same energy. It doesn't mean you have to tell them you want to fuck them as the first thing you say, maybe you will, but it means to emit that raw emotion from your being. Let her FEEL that SHE is making YOU feel this way.

Now for the freedom of outcome to balance it out.

Freedom from outcome to me, is best answered in a question. That question is, if I were to do this, and it DOES NOT work out, will I be any lesser of myself? Will I LOSE anything from doing this? The answer? NO. This is what self amusement is all about, doing things because you want to, but understanding you will lose NOTHING if it doesn't go the way you plan. In fact, you will GAIN a new experience, which will most likely AID in your next attempt at this going. This is how you balance with intent. You EXPRESS that she turns you on, let's say. You COULD say you are being reactive to her, and this is 100% correct. Butttttt, YOU ARE NOT LETTING YOUR STATE BECOME DEPENDENT UPON HER. It is a TEMPORARY state, she caused it, but you understand you will not be any less if it goes away, or does not work out. In fact like I said earlier, it could grow, or be fueled.

I feel like this capitalized statement is incomplete, but VERYYY important. It's like I found the key to a big lock, but I don't have the strength to turn the key. The lock is big, the key happened to be small. I feel as if the idea/concept is in my head, but I cannot convey it to paper 100%, making it overly esoteric in it's current true nature, and will be tough to explain or make work on a daily basis until I get it. No worries though, the more I go out, the more I understand, simple as that. So I figured out a bit more as an add on here. I figured out what it is NOT. I now need to figure out what it IS, then the concept will be complete.

What it is + What it is NOT= completed concept.

So this is intent + freedom from outcome. Combine these two thoughts for hopeful attraction with the opposite sex. I don't really know if it will work, for I haven't used it yet in my approaches. But I will!

P.s upon thinking on it, I think the thing is YOU ARE LETTING THE SELF COME THROUGH. In the sense that showing her this is you, and what she does, you like. Because the same girl might not be attractive to the next guy, you're displaying your personal interests in her. I think. It feels right, but not whole. A lot better than before though. We will leave it at this for now.

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