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Well a fresh start for a fresh..... I got nothing.

Anyways the past few days have been really good. After the whole car crash stuff was sorted, I felt really good. Then the following days were me being busy as shit trying to move. I fucking hate moving.

Anyways so fast forward to new years, and WOW.  I suppose you could say this is the first time I've really been out since I was introduced to RSD, and I cannot believe what sort of difference it has made.

The night started off really good. Entered the party, instantly saw people I haven't seen in a while, so I started saying hello, just being social. Did this for a solid 5 minutes or so, seeing I knew about half the people there, then finally went for a drink.  I cracked a drink, established myself in the atmosphere, and just observed for a moment. In the Blueprint, Owen said that eventually you can almost see this stuff like the matrix, and that's exactly what it felt like.  I saw the chodes, I saw the women who were ready to be pulled, a general idea of what their buying temperature was, just EVERYTHING. I actually sat back and laughed and thought, 'This is so easy, why couldn't I see all this before?'

So anyways then I started with a couple approaches. They were more informational to me than anything, I didn't get anywhere with these ones, but it helped me realize a little about leading the interaction.

The next couple approaches were better, got a couple numbers out of the deal, and I also learned that you really have to go up and approach a HB as soon as you can. making eye contact and NOT acting just creeps them out, and waiting for the 'opportune moment' is actually the 'amazingly awkward' moment. You've got to make your own moment.

There was one girl there that was looking for it. You could tell, the unbuttoned white shirt with the white bra, getting drunk and slutty. However she had this vibe that she knew she was hot, and she needed someone with a higher level or energy than her to take her.  I write this now in hopes that when I look back to these further down the road, hopefully I remember this and get to enjoy how far I've progressed. I could've taken her in a higher state, but I wasn't, so I did nothing unfortunately. Oh well, I'm still here right? Here for another day, another party, another approach.

So now I move on, with new knowledge and more reference experience then I did the night before! Here's to a new year, and a better me!


This is the story of a man who is beginning to find his path through his own Destiny.
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