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That earlier epiphany or whatever it was put me in the strongest state of understanding I've ever been in, to fact that listening to pick up made me literally sick. I was listening to some Flawless Natural on the way to work, and even though it's very, well, natural, there are still techiniques and such.  Just hearing it actually made me sick to my stomach. My sense of state and understanding was so strong that just mentioning something so basic to me at the time just felt like poison to me, like it was hurting me to hear it. Almost as if it would steal my belief that what I felt wasn't natural.

It was amazing. Now that I know that that kind of a state exists, it excites me.  To be able to rise to a level like tha would be amazing, but for now I have to accept that I don't know how to control that state, and it's going to take a lot of expierience to get there.

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