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Today I felt like  did back in Whistler, which is real good. It came with a couple of concepts.

1. You can do two things when you get an actualization or understanding. First you could let your ego take a hold of it and have it shoot you into a "high" on life. However, this doesn't last long, and soon you find youself at a lower state than you were before. Or you can let your core feel the actualization, and internalize it, engraining it into your being. You won't get that high, instead it will build some self esteem and confidence into you, thus raising your overall internal state. Keeping this in mind kept me like this for most of today, and very talkative.

2. Some people don't feel as comfortable as you upon meeting a complete stranger. Therefore sometimes you have to press the conversation on till you hit them with something that either relaxes them into the conversation, or talk about something they are passionate about. Tyler's "Walking through the world with ease" comes into play here. You should feel comfortable enough leading the conversation and interaction till they feel comfortable enough to start sharing themselves with you. Those awkward pauses only exist because she is a little stifled herself, and doesn't really know what to say. This is why you have to lead it for a certain while, and feel comfortable with doing so. It isn't speaking for the sake of going like oh god we're going to hit an awkward moment, it's speaking and leading so she can feel at ease with it. To unstifle her so to speak.

3. Right now this "Core" feeling is still rather foreign to me. So when I'm in it, I'm worried to lose it. However I know if I'm afraid to lose it, I never really had a hold of it to begin with. I also start having arguments in my head, like am I doing this because I want to, or because I'm showing myself I can do this if I want to? An "ego vs core" kinda. However when I stop thinking and start acting, I know that's acting from my core. It's good to realize and understand concepts of what's different when I'm acting from the core, but I cannot think on it too much or it goes away. I need to do this often enough until acting from the core is a natural feeling, and being in an egoic state feels unnatural.

4. I want to get out and meet more people around the world. Even in my own country. I want to be able to jump on a plane, train, or vehicle and get out of town for a while, and meet up with some people. I'm planning to take a train ride across Canada for 3 weeks with my friend in the summer, and hit up a bunch of cities along the way. During this trip I hpoe to make a good group of friends in every city I go to, so I can always fly out there or go out there whenever I like!

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