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I'm off to Montreal for 8 days. I plan to come back even better than I was on the last trip.  Another thing now, I'm unemployeed. The feeling like I'm free to sculpt my own future is back. Hopefully upon returning I won't lose that feeling I had. However, regardless of what happens after the fact, I need to set some goals for the trip.

1. -  Burn my shit to the ground. Every set I open, I close or they walk. Simple as this. Number close, makeout, fuck, anything but walking away. If I'm approaching it's because I want her. A little bit of resistance makes for a tougher shell.

2. -  Get physical with every set. Do it as long as I'm comfortable doing it. Work on "The Claw" as much as I can. hugs, high fives, anything.

3. - Remember this is all fun. Don't get too serious about it. I won't look at the girl as the means to an end. Instead, it's making the duet a fun and exciting time for the both of us. Do it for the love of it!

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