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You can actually repel girls by being authentic.  I was chatting with a cute blonde and I'm joking around with her and she says, "Beaking 'cute blondes' doesn't get you any points." I stopped and thought for a second. I thought, "Wait, you think I care about the outcome? I amusing myself here!" And that's when I realized some girls get freaked out when they initially meet a guy who is authentic. It just such a shock to their system that someone isn't trying to qualify themselves to them that they get weirded out.  I'm certain I can turn things in my favor because, well, I'm me! There's nothing NOT to like about me. Well maybe not nothing, but the flaws are few, but I embrace them fully. So I guess we'll see what happens, but for now, this enlightenment is proving itself to be very amusing!
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 Just be careful, man. When people tell you to be authentic that doesn't mean you can throw your social intuition out the window and play on 100% authenticity. Sometimes I feel like spitting on a girl's face from the shit she said but I don't, because that would be extremely socially miscalibrated. Obviously that is an extreme scenario (and for what it's worth, I have spat on girls before, not a good idea) but it's an analogy that hopefully makes my point easy to understand. 
Props on being authentic, just don't forget to calibrate and convey your intent with social intelligence.
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That does make sense Dog, thank you.  I suppose it will all come with time. For now, everything is reference material, so I'm willing to make mistakes, so long as I learn from them.
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