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 I've come to the conclusion that as humans, we have certain emotional energy that we can rely upon. Being happy consumes some of the highest and most energy, and as you go further down to sadness and depression, less energy is needed. 

I use the term 'people' to the general populous that is unconscious and needy.

Usually when you get a good nights sleep you shuld charge back up rather well. But the problem is people. Humans can DRAIN energy from one another. When you have enough emotional energy, giving these people what they want is no issue, it barely effects you, like bill gates giving someone a dollar. But over time and different types of people coming at you for it, you start to break down, lose energy. Being happy, truly happy is no lnger capable for you, and it seems you cannot pickup then pace again. Sometimes you will get little boosters of energy, in the form of good news, drugs, alcohol, and even anger. Anger produces a lot of energy, but it also uses up close to sometimes more than it makes. 
So now the you who felt on top of the world, didn't let anything get to him, who could laugh off anything, is now a grumpy person trying to find happiness. But you cannot when people are around.
The only way I know SO FAR to deal with this is take vacations frequently enough to recharge, and remove 'people' from your life. Incorporate vacations with this, as removing people from your life can require TONS if emotional energy, if you let them into, or even go into their reality.

Meditation also does the same job as a vacation, at a lower scale. Meditating calms the energy and allows you to restore yourself. This is why you always feel good after a meditation session. I'm trying to meditate daily first thing in the morning.

So think about people who constantly want something from you. People who use you to feel good about themselves, in an openly abusive way or not. People who you will give them just a little bit of your energy, just because you want to avoid confrontation.
These are the people that MUST GO. Do not let them linger, and expect them to take the hint. Do not give the cold shoulder, and expect them to go away. Stop them dead in their tracks and let them know that you are removing them from your reality. Let them know the reason, then that is all.
 All of this being said, if you surround yourself with people who aren't like this, your emotional energy goes up. So friends, women you enjoy, and other happy and friendly people can all ping off each other for happiness. Surrounding your reality with THESE humans can keep your emotional energy running high, so when you do encounter people, you can rid yourself of them easily, or send them on their way quickly.

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