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Looking back upon last night in a different frame.

Last night I said "I'm different from every other guy you've ever met."

Was it necesary? No, that's what a man would show without having to say.  However what does it mean?

It means I have to keep my word.

I said I'm different from everyone else. That means I can't be the next anybody, I have to become the first ME. Something a lot of people have trouble doing.  To be authentically you at all times can be stressful, with the sometimes feeling of needing to impress people or anything.

Now how about this. Instead of trying to impress, how about I look and observe myself in those situations. If I remain myself, do what amuses me, and stick to my principals, I should impress myself!

I think this is something I should be looking at a little more closely, impressing yourself with what you can do. At the end of every night, I have to go to bed with myself, therefore I should always make sure I'm impressed or satisfied with my actions throughout that day, day by day.

So here I go, in order to be different from every other guy, I shall become myself, with no reserves. To become a man who keeps to his words and promises. Every goal I've set out to do is going to happen, and this one shall be no different!

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 well said acro21.i agree that self-amused/self-impressed thing is important for confidence building. keep up the good work. 
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