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There are two things that dawned upon me today that I would like to work on, and that is being having my thoughts, actions, and words all in congruency with one another, and visualization.

When I hold actions or words back regardless of the fact that I feel strongly enough to want to express them, but I don't, is when I regret. I had a conversation with someone today over something rather important in my life. They had the power in this situation, I wanted something changed. They were good at explaining why they couldn't, or how things were rather nicely, until they made one comment. That comment really set me off, however I did not act on it.

Why did it move me so? Because it was an assumption he made on me, plus an insult to my character. This would normally not matter, but in this situation these were the two points that led him to denying me of the change I was asking for.  I wanted to say, "Excuse me? *Add correction and true feelings here*", instead I went, "Oh, okay." Now I'm still thinking about it. I should have left it all out on the table. That way I wouldn't have to write about this. The good thing is that I can try to make that change again, and that congruency is something that needs work in my life.

How am I going to work on this? Slow things down to my pace. Or speed them up. Don't let other people set the tempo, even if it is in their comfort zone. If it feels something slipped by me, seeing it's my tempo, I'll ask them to repeat themselves. Or explain themselves, or whatever. When this happens I can bring everything out, hold nothing back.

Today in class, my sensei was talking about how important visualization is for sports, martial arts, anything. There are many benefits when I realized a very important one, it familiarizes your mind with the action. If pick-up is foreign to my mind, I will visualize myself walking up, opening, physically escalating, even closing. This way my mind has done it 1000 times.

This is not to say have routines down and visualized, NO. This visualization is pure actions. Words are not necessary, I can come up with those on my own. I can practice walk ups, claws, and other stuff so it feels natural to me.

That's all for meow. I find myself saying, "As soon as my inner game is on lock, I can approach." Which is a lie. I can approach and close as soon as I set myself to it. Tomorrow night is drunk night so I can practice this easily enough. However, my goal for tomorrow is to have at least one good, quality set. A solid cold approach, escalate as far as it will go, while having fun with it.

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