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Hey all.

I'm back from my 8 day vacation, it was the best thing I've ever done. I'll be posting the FR's in my FR thread, and each day gets its' own blog update. This means there we be roughly 8 updates happening right away here. I'll start off right here. (These are all straight copy-pastes from my journal I kept on my Ipad.)

It's elegant, beautiful, awe inspiring. It's everything I dreamed and hoped for, and better. I had a solid 4.5 hours of riding today that totally spent me, it was so much fun. I started spinning off the smaller jumps on both parks, like they say, it's good to start small on this stuff. Tomorrow I aim to bring it even higher. I was much more conscious of the moment snowboarding than I usually was, if I wasn't then I'm realizing it now, which is better than not at all. Met a nice girl on the chairlift today, we talked and talked, but when it came time to ride, I should have offered to do some laps with her. Sorry cutie, I don't think I was nervous to ask you, just uncertain if I wanted to snowboard or game. Riding with you could have been a blast, and gone further from there, if I wasn't a snowboarder to the very core. Determined to learn. Damn I love it out here. I was so tired upon arrival at my friends' I just went straight to bed. Such a great life. Best part? I get to do it all over again tomorrow. I'm going to move here. I don't care abut anything else. Next winter I'm moving here. I'm more than content here. It's what I want. It's what WE want. The snow, falling so heavily, yet so soft, makes no noise as it touches down from the heavens above. The street lamps softly faded, like out of an old movie. The voices of drunk youth cut through the night to remind you of the outside life, even though I could be the only person alive, and I wouldn't be trifled in the slightest way. The way it falls, with no bias, like a statement, pure and wholesome. It is what I am aspiring to be, totally present in being, unmoved by anything around me, peaceful, yet strong. Snow, I love you.

~Present Acro <3
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