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Just a little thought I had that I had to write down before I forget the theory behind it.

Absolute Belief: I realize that in most ineractions that you're trying to pick up girls, if you make one mistake it's usually over. It doesn't seem fair to begin with, but now it feels proper.

Girls havesome many guys to choose from, and so many guys hitting on them, that they can generally pick and choose who and what they want. So why would they waste their time on a guy who isn't what they want?

That's where the absolute belief in yourself, and your words are key to everything. If you don't have absolute belief in yourself, why should anyone else believe in you? In a girls case, why should she believe you're the sex worthy guy if you don't even have full belief that everything you say is valuable? So say things because you want to, not because you feel you need to in order to get value. Amuse yourself, say those shocking things, but always believe it. If she shit tests' you, it shouldn't matter, you shouldn't even need to address it if you're speaking with absolute belief in yourself.

So this is my little theory, or actualization of mine. Tell me your thoughts on it and if you can contribute more, great!

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