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The game gets rich as you work deeper - I'ts been a grueling struggle and a joy. Feeling quite invigorated going out now, and a little more at ease with the world. 

I've been getting 3 Days a week of solid daygame. A fair start but I intend to ramp it up as the weeks go by. There's been good, bad, and everything in-between; All in good humor. 

Just today we averted security and had to flee the mall on account a clever opener:

Hey guys, are the BJ's here any good? Ben and Jerry's?

What one calls pickup another considers harassment... Good fun either way thumbs up

Experimenting with new ideas right now and trying to work past boundaries. As long as you are working hard and pushing your comfort zone the results are in your favor.
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Went out for some more daygame today, approached a bunch of chicks. I was astounded by the progress made - just a couple days ago it felt agonizing to approach a mere five. It was extraordinary now, to have lost count. As soon as everyone hit state we were golden. There were few excuses to interact with the nearest girl, and the limits really became our imagination.

The challenge is hitting state. Once momentum is built you really start to feel unstopable.

I stopped a girl and whom appeared to be her boyfriend by challenging him to a duel.
I opened a girl at a kiosk by asking her to "do me".
I implemented pauses to amuse myself i.e. "I love...  your outfits"
I was complimented on my personality.
I held hands, skipped and rampaged through the mall with a group of teenage girls.
I didn't really get blown off at all.

I'm still awkward past the opener with a direct approach.
I'd love to get to where I am maintaining a solid conversation.
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