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About Me: 
I was born just outside of London and moved about as a kid, settling in Brighton for a long time. I'm now back in London studying at Royal Holloway University. I've got a passion for life and an interest and love of people. I'm an actor, salesmen and more recently a model. All of which provide wicked arenas in which I can better myself, acting especially!!

I've got tonnes of confidence in many areas of my life and many things I want to get better at.

PUA culture has become another playing field for me from which I have learnt from. I've learnt about game, myself and life.

At the moment, I feel like I've had a bit of an awakening being out there in the 'real world' as it were, and I'm trying to find a balance.
Acting, PUA, Nature, Movies, Theatre, People, Psychology, Philosophy, Sport, Fitness, Wellbeing
Seeing friends, Going out with friends, Staying in with friends, Meeting girls, Seeing girls, Staying in with girls, Performing, PUA, Going to the gym, Sports, Procrastination, Yoga, Reading, Deep conversations, Research, Light conversations, Taking it easy
Favorite Music: 
Soul, Hip hop/Rap, Jazz, Folk
Favorite TV Shows: 
Louis Theroux, Friends, Peep Show, Extras, Inside the Actors Studio
Favorite Movies: 
The King of Comedy, The Godfather, The Deer Hunter, The Mask, Liar Liar, Into the Wild, Training Day, Meet the Fockers, Gangs of New York
Favorite Books: 
The Shining, The Eagle Series, The Game, Self-Confidence, The Gargoyle

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