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So yesterday I woke up sore from sleeping in a very awkward position which was the start of a "not so good"  day to say the least. I guess the phraze "woke up on the wrong side of the bed" holds true here. I putzed around the house for an hour or two in a groggie state and got ready to work at 5. I did end up calling all 3 girls and they all dropped "I have a b/f" on me. So I got kind of down from that. I was in a bad mood at work all day from being let down. All the girls at work were like "whats wrong?" I just wanted them to shut up. The end of my shift kind of sucked because the new manager was having computer problems so I had to run the store myself. Oh well, days come and go. So today is a much better day, the sun is shining, and I am smiling. I've kind of been dating a girl from down town but she hasn't called me in two weeks. I hope she calls today. I'm probably going to get a hair cut because my hair is way to long. Ooh maybe I'll get some highlights too.
-Sunday March 15 2009 1:15pm
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