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So yesterday I woke up sore from sleeping in a very awkward position which was the start of a "not so good"  day to say the least. I guess the phraze "woke up on the wrong side of the bed" holds true here. I putzed around the house for an hour or two in a groggie state and got ready to work at 5. I did end up calling all 3 girls and they all dropped "I have a b/f" on me. So I got kind of down from that. I was in a bad mood at work all day from being let down. All the girls at work were like "whats wrong?" I just wanted them to shut up. The end of my shift kind of sucked because the new manager was having computer problems so I had to run the store myself. Oh well, days come and go. So today is a much better day, the sun is shining, and I am smiling. I've kind of been dating a girl from down town but she hasn't called me in two weeks. I hope she calls today. I'm probably going to get a hair cut because my hair is way to long. Ooh maybe I'll get some highlights too.
-Sunday March 15 2009 1:15pm
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 Today, I went to all of my classes. I got a 4/6 on a quiz just by guessing. I feel like anatomy went over board today. The lecture sure did drag out. Anyway, I took a two hour nap in Lake Michigan hall before my religions class. I had some strange time distortion going on, it was kind of cool though (I've been having a lot of that lately) Oh! The other day I had a fortune cookie say "You will soon be rewarded for all of your good work" or "You are on the right path, keep doing what you are doing and you will be rewarded" Yeah, that sounds closer to the right thing. Just before my religions class got out I met up with Denina and we talked about going to the Temple Emanuel. So randomly everything worked out and I went to a Jewish Temple for the first time in my life. I liked the music there a lot, the people were all very friendly. I watched a little boy who seemed way into the service, he'll grow up to be a good Jew ;) I just finished reading "The Game" today and started sarging immediately! Nick/Phazer and I/Ace went to kirkoff to spit some game. I opened the first set I saw, It turned out it was two hot Russian chicks. I had some candy (compliments to Uncle Kevin) and I offered it to them. I gave a time constraint and grabbed the hotter one's number. Nick was a little crazy but didn't seem to have a problem opening, just closing. It's fine all will get better with practice. We danced for quite some time I honestly don't know how long it was, maybe 2hrs? maybe 4. Like I said I don't know. I ended up with 3 numbers after we left kirkoff! Pretty exiting for my first night! After kirkoff we went to the Chuck-a-palooza which was kind of dumb so we left. Nick opened one more set before we left and flopped He had way to much energy and was talking to fast. I'm sure he'll improve though. Who am I to talk I'm no Ace just yet. ;) Now it's 3 in the morning and after finishing my first journal I think this is the best day I've had in a LONG time. Tomorrow I plan to sleep in! Hurray! And call the two girls Gala and Reyna who I thought were cute, turns out Tasha has a b/f I facebooked her, I don't expect that to go anywhere. After making some plans with the girls (hopefully shay will call me, she is supposed to be getting a phone if not I don't care I don't think that is going anywhere either, oh well) after making plans I will go to work and f-ing close at 3 in the morning probably with the new manager Eric. Gay? maybe.
March 14-2009
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