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Met up with Matt at Kildaire's after spent a little time at Timothy's. I parked at Timothy's and walked down main to meet. Did some street game.
I've got a weird problem with the bouncer's I was trying to be nice and meet the bouncer's of Kate's, and Kildaire's but I was always like hitting on a girl first. That seems to piss them off. I even tried to meet the bouncer of Kildaire's but he wouldn't let me in. He thought I was rude to the door girl. But really I was just trying to convince her I had an student ID to avoid cover. I was a bit cocky and teasing. Though, I did meet Rocco and Ryan the bouncers to Grotto's.
I had a GREAT warm up at Grotto's. I karate chopped my way into a 5-set of hot chicks to get to a bar stool they were barracading. They loved it. I teased them, told them stories, picked one girl's nose and stuck my finger in her mouth. I was just on.
My sticking point is a reccurring one, I can't stay in the venue. I just burn out, peak, walk out and just evade. I can feel myself recoil and I know I'm doing wrong. Excuse, excuse. I had no excuse to go home last night. I had a wingman, things were going good. I even had a beautiful young girl practically throw herself at me. I knew the real game begins in the second part of the night but I left at midnight. I'm finding that going out and hanging with Matt sort of anchors me and I don't open. I just talk to Matt.
I'm lacking that sense of urgency that prevents me from leaving. I wouldn't leave at work. I want to. If I could go home at work a few hours earlier, I would. But when I'm at the club I don't have that urgency to stay there so I rationalize it's perfectly fine for me to return to my comfort, masturbate lair at home.

I also drank a beer, and another later in the night. This isn't going to make for a strong foundation. I need to do this sober so that I don't need to drink in order to get in state. I clearly have some major challenges:
Stay til the end, Don't drink or do drugs, push to extract, be super polite to staff, and try for 8's, 9's, and 10's
This place was FULL of girls just out to party and get laid. They're going to have sex with someone and that someone might as well be me.
I've been at this a long time. Since Summer 2011. That's 2 years and I still can't pull consistently. I had to crawl out of a real funk. Now I'm at the point where I have no fear of the approach. Shit tests mean nothing to me any more. I have all the tools to pull and fuck. But I just don't. I don't seem to be ready to cross that threshhold from intermediate to advanced. I'm so close. I'm so close. But as of late my game has just slumped over. I'm too comfortable. It's too taxing to my willpower to stay in the venue until the second part of the night when the pulls occur.
When I left the club I was telling myself to stop, stop and get my head together and go back in. But I didn't I didn't have the discipline to get back in state, have fun and get back in the motherfucking vibe and pull.
I'm going to have to push for the close. I'm in sales now and I can feel myself let go of the customer and not even consider the possibility of closing. I need to close at work and I need to close at night to get the life I've worked for. I've worked hard for all this and I've got to reap the rewards of my labor.
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