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So I overslepped for work... was supposed to be there at 1:30 and actually woke up at 1:28. argh... Super sluggish today because I was still trying to recover from the lack of sleep from the day before. Managed to eventually get in the groove mid day and started to get into being more social. I've been flirting hardcore with this girl from my work. I know she is into me but I wasn't sure how much. I started to get more and more physical with her lately. Her humor is extremely sarcastic and playful which works really well with my humor because it allows both of us to almost get into "wierd" and still be cool with one another. For about an hour I acted like we were boyfriend and girlfriend and whenever she would talk to a customer I would act like he/she was overstepping our relationship and would glare like I was gonna beat there ass. She played along whenever I was talking with customers too.... it worked perfectly because when she ended her shift at 9, she told my roommate that she wanted to have a sleepover in my bed. I was trying to convince my roommate to stay the extra hour of my shift so that I could "take her home" but it didn't work out. So unfortunately... she will have to wait until tomorrow. smile

I feel wierd about work hookups. Not because of what they are. But because they honestly seem like unfair in the pickup world. It isn't a cold approach. It honestly takes no balls. You and her are put in a situation where you have no choice but to be social to one another. If done correctly. It's almost a guaranteed lay. But this might just be me...

Anyways, I ended up going out on a Day 2 with the girl I met at the bar and kiss/# closed on Saturday. She brought along a few friends unfortunately. However I saw a friend who I knew from the program and he joined us and kept the friends occupied. I managed to make everyone "like" me while not completely ignoring my target. So my friend and I ended up getting invited to go to a party which worked out pretty well because I knew a few people who were there, making it less akward. Attempted to be a social guy but only ended up staying at the party for a hour as one of my targets girlfriends had to go home. We got dropped back off at my car downtown and ended up isolating her and talking to her for 3 hours. Really deep rapport to the point where I was able to guess correctly about a lot of her life. She is a hard one to get comfortable with me. Her body language was very closed and reserved even though I could tell she was into me. I had a lot of fun though. Totally fell in love with her a few times... haha. We eventually parted ways at 3 AM. She's leaving to go to Oakland tomorrow and will be gone for a week. Hope she doesn't forget about me because I really dig her. But it will give me time to practice over the weekend without running into her.

Plus one of my old fuck buddies is coming to stay for 3 days for 4th of July. Should be fun...
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