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Tyler/Jeffy Special Bootcamp Alumni June 10-12 2010

Since I took the bootcamp my life has been more fullfilling each and everyday. Taking that bootcamp was the smartest move I ever made because it pushed me beyond my boundaries into a world that seems less frightening each and everyday. Except for the sunday after bootcamp I have been approaching everyday. I'm not going to say that approaching girls is beyond my fear capacity because I definately feel hesitation sometimes. But knowing that I will be okay in the end afterwards is truely enlightening.

I've been hanging around people that I consider to be natural in this aspect of their lives and taking things from their style and applying it to my own. When I was on bootcamp I was more chill and laid back. But hanging around certain people kind of pushes me to be more outgoing and energetic in my approaches. All of which seems to be taken differently depending on the scenario. Because there are no clubs in the town I am in, I've mainly been doing day game and bar game which isn't bad since it seems to work well with my laid back side.

Though I know it is said many times in the forums and in RSD in general that looks don't matter, I feel the only attraction game I have is my looks a lot of times. The conversation will get boring and stale because it relies on a lot of 50/50 interaction which seems pointless when they aren't fully into me yet. My physical game is getting better and is definately more natural when I feel the girl is into me because I already know that she wants me to touch her, instead of me feeling like I need to have permission. The more I go approach, the more I feel like I will naturally become congruent to who I truely am.

Though looking back on it, I wish I did more approaches tonight. I ended up just socializing with 2 sets. One was a group set of 3 girls and the other was two girls. I took a nap before going out and was suprisingly in a good mood the whole time. The three girl set went well because one was totally into me and it was easy for me to get physical and get hardcore "fuck me" eyes going on. The other two I knew mutually which allowed me to work her pretty well without getting distracted. But I bailed because I honestly wasn't sure if I was willing to fuck her because she was a 6.

The two set worked out perfectly because I opened them early and then went to the three set. One girl from the two set tracked me down while I was walking to another bar and we ended up talking for the rest of the night (2 hours). A really fucking cool girl who I ended up kiss closing and number closing. It was hard to get super physical with her and pull because it seemed like I was getting resistance with everything. But I really think this one won't bail if we go for a Day 2.

Strengths: very social, funny, and playful tonight. Good starting kino. Strong eye contact. Smiled a lot. more dominant than usual. I went out alone which was the first time I had ever done that.
Weaknesses: Long delay's between kino, need to work on commanding more.
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