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Tonight was poor on my part mainly because I didn't push myself to approach as much as I usually do. I went out with a buddy and ended up getting sucked into his low state mood which gave me some approach anxiety. We worked a couple sets with nothing too spectacular coming out of them. We watched a bad ass band at a bar and eventually I opened a group of rocker chicks who looked like they were with the band. Apparently they were and after some slow conversation, one of the girls invited me to go to another bar with the band and then go to their hotel room. I bailed because of being tired. Looking back on it I have some regret because I totallly left that chick with some hippie fag and the look in her eyes was saying "please fucking save me because I know you are cooler than this guy". I really think that should be all the motivation I should ever need to never let sleep get in the way of a fucking awesome adventure.

adventure time awaits bitches
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