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I really hate the fact that Thursday, Friday, Saturday are the only good days to go to the bars downtown. I tried all last week to maybe find atleast one hottie to approach out there.... fucking nothing. Just drunks. Yeah, well tonight was pretty fucking funny because four of us went out. Three guys and a girl. Me and my buddy were doing decent on approaches. Nothing spectacular but I was in a much better state than usual. It was late when we went out so unfortunately our time was dwindling down fast. It seems that rocker/emo chicks dig my style and almost always try to get my eye contact to open them. I almost always know those sets will go decent, maybe even good depending on the energy I bring to the conversation. My buddy and I did pretty well on a two set of girls but I wasn't talkative so I ended up just doing annoying interview questions.

The night ended and I was walking my friend to her car. We passed by a bar that was pouring out people. I saw a 7 who I usually flirt with at my work and automatically struck up a conversation with her. She was drunk as fuck and totally into me. In less than thirty seconds I was making out with her. In 10 minutes we were at her car. In 20 minutes I got the lay. I broke up with my girlfriend last week so I needed the rebound lay and was willing to stoop as low as a 5 to get it. I was really fucking happy that it worked out because I strait up cavemanned her drunk ass home. I kinda felt bad at the time because I wasn't sure if she was blacked out or anything and was gonna be all remourseful and pissed in the morning. The fact that we fucked again in the morning got rid of that fear wink.

She wants to buy me new sheets and "try them out". But I honestly don't even think I'll call her again unless I have one of those lonely nights. I want even better. I've been reading "9 ball" and I really like the idea of having a herem. I know it's possible and I really want to make it happen. The problem is that this is a small town and even in my adventures from the past couple weeks of day game and night game, I am starting to receive social pressure from my friends and aquaintances. I truely am forcing myself into the idea of "I don't care what anybody thinks of me" and there is no turning back now.

I don't want to be a player. I want to be a social guy who gets laid a lot. Who has choice. Who has enough courage to step up and be a fucking man.
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