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So fuck.... alright. I got off of work late today. There is a rodeo dance thing going on in town and I saw some of the hottest chicks rolling over there. Unfortunately there was only 20 minutes left of it by the time I got off work so I ended up just going to the bars with my buddy. I only opened like two sets. And there was a lot of time between each. I'm not having as much fun going out because I think I am not building momentum and reaching state. I end up talking to people I already know and girls that I know are already into me. The girl I pulled last week was stalking me like hell downtown and I ended up just dragging her around for social proof. But once I gave her my attention I wasn't able to get away. I easily could have pulled her again. But honestly I just wasnt that into her. I walked her to her car and sent her on her way. I'm afraid she will start stalking me and fuck up my downtown scene. I may have to just grab my balls, fucking fly solo, and hit up the bars where the slutty girls are at with there 50 mexican gangsters. I'm afraid of getting my ass kicked. But maybe sacrificing have to be made in order to make progress. I feel approach anxiety a lot. I rely on situations to boost my ego to the point where I can push through it. Definately need to work on this.
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