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All the concepts I talk about here are defined in the way that I want to subjectively approach them.


This is the way we project our reality outward and the realities that are projected on us.

As children, we grow up with a sense of where we belong in the food chain, totem pole, social hierarchy or whatcha-ma-call-it. We learn where we belong; first with our family, then at school, then with the cliques, memberships and organizations we form. Who do we have authority over? Who do we listen to? Our answers to these questions translate into our social behavior. Role models play the part of someone who's behavior we want to emulate, and they often shape our identities. Without them, most of us hesitantly walk through life looking for someone with higher value to tell us who we are; a futile endeavor I've undertaken for years while growing up.

Social Conditioning

We are taught, especially in my generation, that society has the answer to all our questions. Ask a teacher. Read a book. Search wikipedia. Google it. We become dependent on others for information.

Then maybe one day, after years of studying, we specialize and are seduced by the idea that we're experts. Now instead of making a wrong move, putting our hand in the fire and learning by experience, we learn through people's opinion and the advice of other "experts". We rely on other people's perception instead of seeing the world through our own eyes. This is where strength of reality comes in.

For the first time in thousands of years, we live vicariously. And most of us are satisfied with that, for a while.


There aren't many things that are more satisfying than asserting our dominance over someone. It's instinctual and empowering in a strange way. Some do it through sports with their athletic ability, others through competitive video games with quick reflexes and tactical thinking. RSD likes to do it by picking up girls. Who wouda thunk it?

Outer Game

Pickup is a skill like any other. You get good at it, you attract women. The foundations of game are:

-Frame control and self-sufficiency
-A polished understanding of the girl's comfort levels
-Technical ability to get her in a sexual state
-Presence of mind

It's not incredibly complicated like some companies would have you believe.


As human beings, we crave value. Consumerism tries to manipulate us into attaching value to that which has little or no value.

It's all ego.

You know, I used to wish I was popular. I wanted to be surrounded by all the coolest super elite popular fashionable crowd. I believed I could use it to get what I REALLY wanted: affection, being understood, someone respecting me. Yeah. And if I have a shit ton of friends and fans, what will that do for me? What will it do for you?

Do you want to be Han Solo, fucking glorious ass mercenary, travelling lightspeed across the galaxy without attachments, or wrinkled old Emperor surrounded by a million weaksauce storm troopers?

(credit to Tyler for the metaphor)

Sure you can use fame, rank, money, looks, status and connections to get girls interested, but wouldn't you rather they wet their panties because they like the way you carry yourself around them and nothing else?

Let's be real for a second. We're all just ordinary people here. We're not in a gang, we're not CIA sponsored spies, we're not mobsters or billionaires and we don't have this guy's finely chiseled looks:

We can't change that. What we CAN do, is get this skillset and attract girls at breakfast like it's nothing. We can overcome status, looks, cool jobs and all other logical concepts that do NOT apply in attracting hot women.


Bottom line: spend time in the field and improve. Meeting Tyler and seeing the level of game displayed at the hotseat, I can honestly say that I am baffled. I'm at the beginning of my journey, men. I have a lot more to say and limited time, so I hope you enjoyed this one and see you soon.
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