abiztyle - a 180ยบ change

Here we go. Just like everything that is overplanned, nothing that I wrote as expectation for this week happened. But I was able to overcome this little "issue", plus practice new things.

Things started on Sunday, when after working during the day and partipating in phone calls I went to work - IN THE OFFICE - from 8pm to 11pm.

A friend called me because he was with is cousin, a male friend, some chicks and needed 1 more guy to complete the numbers. I was fucking tired, but I didn't let it affect me. A Red Bull in hand and everything should be fine. After wandering around to find a good place to go, we ended up going to my friend's place, his relatives were all out. One of the chicks really chose me, I believe she decided that because of my dance with a pillar in front of one of the venues we stopped by.

Well, things progressed and soon we were making out. Almost no words, all physical, but then an issue. Do you know when a girl is the kind of girl (not professional, though), but tries to play the role of the castle princess? This was the case. On my first kiss on her neck, she left to another room saying I was depraved (not exactly that harsh). OK, she was trying to set the frame. I was just unapologetic. She ended up coming to me again and saying "I want you". We got back to work. But then I fucked up by spilling some beer on her, laughed a lot of it, she got mad for some minutes but then it was all cool again. I was really not giving a shit, mainly because I knew she was naughty, also cuz she was around 6.5 in my scale, so no big deal at all. Along with that, I was told she always is the one complaining about things, whereas I'm placing myself in the opposite direction. All of a sudden, she was almost sleeping, I tried one more atempt and she left. Well, fuck it, I was not that patient at the moment to go step by step, again, because of the reasons mentioned above. Went home and slept very good.

On Thursday, the b-day was awesome, the guys are really great to go out with, but just one of the girs mentioned in the last post was there. Logistics went against me, she sat beside a close friend of mine, and he slowly took that ground for him, and ended making out with her (out of our eyes). Let's get drunk, then! And we did that perfectly! We just got craaaaaaaaazy, I woke up late for work, but my bless is that I don't have hangover, hence I was OK to work the following day.

Saturday - The same friend from last Sunday told me he had a ticket for a great show , he bought it for an ex-girlfriend he broke up with but still loves (yes, kinda chode, I'm trying to help him out but it's been hard). Again, for a second I though "no", but the need to have something to write here is really fuelling me! When we were there, we got into the wrong line. On our way to the right one, two chicks stopped us:
- Hey, wanna buy two tickets?
- Why, you girls gave up?
- Yes, we're going to another place...
- Sure, let me call my friend

I called my friend, but she decided not to go anymore.
- She is not coming anymore...
- Oh, we're not gonna sell this thing...
- I will help you out... - at this moment, I turned my back to them and started whistling like crazy making nonsense gestures to nobody. Turned around to them:
- Just kidding! OK, wish you guys luck, cya! and left for the line again

The show was great, I was 80% unstifled I'd say, because I was not able to go straight to the girls but we were getting a good amount of attention, because I was screaming crazy stuff, giving a lot of value to the group I was with, helping everybody to have a good time. A really hot girl was with her friends orbiting around us, but the chode here was not able to open. The same happened with another chick who checked me out a couple of times. I got kinda mad but no big deal.

When there was around 30 minutes for the show to finish, someone touches my back:
- Hey, do you wanna buy some tickets? - Yes, the chicks from outside hahahaha
- Hey! Sure, how much are they?
I made a great job managing the attention of them both, showing my intent to the one I wanted, and controlling the other, I got very happy with that. The show finished, and I said goodbye, but did not aimed for the close. Went back to the group I was with, grabbed my friend to leave. When we are leaving, I see the chick by herself on the phone, her friend was not there. I thought "hey, the universe rarely gives us a second chance..."

I went there, started yelling to her friend over the phone some random stuff, and just fucking closed. Just like I thought, that was what she was waiting for. We stood there for 10 minutes, then her friend's dad came to pick them up (she is 19, her friend 20). We parted ways. The night was over and I had to run with my running team in the morning. I was able to woke up and run =). Mission accomplished, a great week.

This week I really challenged myself to mantain focus, not to let the laziness take over. AWESOME. NEXT WEEK PROMISES. IT ALWAYS DO!

This time, no plans for next week. Let's make them in a real-time fashion! :-P

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