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Well, today I won't talk a lot about the weekend, specially because I went out only on Saturday, so I will first go through my thoughts lately and then about what happened on this one.

I'm extremely happy with my latest accomplishments, where I'm putting into practice what I learn here at RSDN. Right now that I'm actually DOING things, whereas months ago I was basically reading with few action, the posts for me changed from "oh, this might work" or "oh, this makes sense" to "THIS IS FUCKING REAL, AND IS HAPPENING". So my thoughts from this week are based on the posts from Ozzie about the learning proess and Alex with all his explanation about Strength of Reality:

- Now I SEE that the real growth cannot be faked. It is necessary to go there, fail a lot, get stuck, feel awkward various times, suck it up and keep going. And this will happen until you get comfortable with the situations and learn.

- My reality IS getting stronger through frequency of behaviors. It's been 5 weekends, I've met and made out with 5 different girls, things at work are going great. It is the snowball effect, things are getting bigger and bigger and bigger, that right now, instead of being in a frame of "I should pick up girls" I can't manage 5,6 girls in my life. So I'm pretty much losing some of them, which at the end is not a big deal, since there are more, "better" out there.

- It's clear that you WILL NOT get the 9's and 10's if you don't go through the 7's and 8's (and 5's, 6's for some folks). And the reason is simple: nobody starts playing the big league. You can't expect that you will instantly fuck models if a month ago you were a complete fucked up chode. This relates a lot to the real growth approach. Two years ago I was a complete chode, then I changed to a regular chode, with some success here and there, and now I'm getting regular on approaching and getting girls with certain frequency.

- The ration between male and female doesn't matter in any place. The fact is that most of the guys won't even approach the whole night, rather blaiming the failure on the fact that there were too many guys. More and more I see this happening. Like Tim says, the spectators. Just a few guys at ANY PLACE are willing to take responsibility for what is coming to them.

So, this Saturday I went to a bar that plays rock and roll. Two cover bands were going to play, one from The Doors and the other from AC/DC. Well, after 3 hours there I had a 5% or less rate on songs that I knew. I was with two male friends, one of them told us there was going to be a girl friend of him with her girl friends. When we got there, only his friend had came. Needless to say, he focused all his attention and effort on her, even cutting our talking, having my other friend and I out of the conversation. No big deal, there were more there for us. I started chatting to a chick that seemed to be like 7, 8 years older than me, with an ugly friend. My friend joined. Things were going slow, as my "5% rate on knowing songs" joke had no effect over here, because she really likes rock ahhahaha. Anyway, I was plowing and things were getting to the right path when another friend invited "my girl" to join her group. She called us once, but then didn't call again. She ended up talking to another guy, I saw them singing rock together. No problem, things between us wouldn't work out after all hahahah. But I would certainly miss her wonderful fit legs.

My friend and I rejoined my other friend and the girl. But soon the first one left to do an approach while getting a beer. He, and the beer, stood there, while my other friend was trying to kiss the girl. No deal. At this point, the beer guy was already making out with the girl. I was behind in the score. The girl, my friend trying to pick her up and I changed our spot within the bar to a better one, and that was when the window of opportunity smiled at me.

I saw a cute girl with her friend, even saw a guy trying to game her before, no success. I forgot to mention that my friend and the girl are kinda hyper, so after driking a little bit they get even more hyper and loud. Well, why not use them as a tool to approach? I opened asking the girls if we could cut the alcohol from them and so on, right after that I really don't remember, and it doesn't matter, it was ON and I was IN.

Then it's cake recipe. Equal attention to both of them, the friend likes me, the target likes me, more touch on the target, hand on the targets waist, the friend notices, and then leaves as she knew what was happening. Cool, more chatting, hug, kiss on the cheek, hug, rubbing hand on her arm, tried to kiss once, no deal. I went to get a beer and came back. Five more minutes of talk, hugging and so on, makeout. And then cherish until the end of the show, with a quick stop to emulate a rock band, everyone of my friends playing an instrument =). Live real fun.

Most important is: I saw two window opportunities, acted on both. If you don't kick the ball, how can you expect the goal?!?

Fuck it. Kick the fucking ball. If you miss, at least the crowd (your core) will say "uuuuuuuuuuh", and clap hands acknowledging your tentative. And if you do score, the crowd goes crazy. (Well, this is how my mind is working lately, try it yourself).

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