abiztyle - a 180ยบ change

So basically saturday from the previous week I went to a bar, missed to open two chicks that were on the line wth us, then they stood by mine and my friends side, like baiting us to open, we did nothing, a male friend of her saw her and brought them - she and her friend - to his group, with two more chodes. The guy who knew her did well and made out with her friend, but the girls chose none of the chodes. She was getting sleepy, I had to do something. I came over her shoulder:

- Hey, don't lean on the pillar, you're gonna sleep
- I'm sleepy already! - and laughed

For the first time in my life I see a chode blocking me. One of the guys said something in her ear and just switched positions with her, to block my way. No biggie, I was still able to flirt from behind. Then she came to my side again, but for my surprise, the chode just grabbed by the arm and pulled her back aahhahahaha. Well, she got tired and just went home unhappy right after this event. And I learned a lesson: you think, you do! That would have avoided her having such a sleepy night, that's for sure.

This friday I went to a halloween party, was able to "almost" close one (she kept turning her face on me), but it was good to build momentum, then started chatting with - IMO and others' also - the cuttest chick in the party, but she saw me speding ammo on the other one, which didn't help much. It was still interesting to see her investing a little bit, but then getting rational like thinking "I'm the second choice". Then I ended up talking to a 18 year-old model, who was very friendly and warm. I didn't score any goals but I was very happy for being unstifled and just having fun, which drawn a lot of attention to myself, being you just fucking works out!!!

On saturday went to another venue, a female friend that was with us merged our group with another group with girls only, and from there I did my job. A little chat, escalation, 15 minutes and makeout. Great night.

Yesterday I went to another bar, saw a cute girl starring at me, Then I saw her walking towards the exit, made a facial expression of disappointment to her, went after her, saw her in the line to pay with her friends (one of them which I thought was gonna cockblock), whispered for her to go back to the bathroom. She understood the message, came back, I met her on the way, 10 minutes of chatting and deal closed, makeout.

So, in the last 4 weekends I met 7 different girls, made out with 4. Most important, I reinforced some things:

1 - The universe DOES respect those who have attitude. MAN IT UP. Staying there like a champion doesn't make you a champion AT ALL. I saw many "cool" dudes the last 4 weeks, who after 4 hours, would still be there "looking cool". To go there, do whatever you want to do, open, chat, meet new people, this is what being cool is really about.

2 - Being involved with a lot of different girls, along with going out frequently, has helped me a lot to be unstifled and more unapologetic. Right now I really don't give a shit to any particular outcome, because I KNOW there are plenty of women out there, plus lesson 3 below...

3 - When your LIFE is aligned, I mean, you take care of your work, of your body, your health, women start to be a consequence. This is real. It feels like when you have your life in hand, there is this inner glow that people can see and end up reacting to. Last week and just went to swimming classes one day, did nothing in the others. This week I will get back to practice, as this and next month I have running races (10km and 18km).

So, now I'm out of money so will have to plan my next weekend better, I can't spend much. But so far things are just going great!

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