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Cute girl new to town comes into my work. Conversation was good, she was fun.

Went for number close... it was at work, it was chodey, it was indirect, it was nothing and it was treated that way, still felt a crushing feeling inside after a mild rejection. Thats gotta be a good thing.

This seems so dumb, why am I even writing about this?

Its the beginning of my journey... I want experience, and I don't think I'll feel fully entitled until I'm at least following this path. I know theres lots to learn and unlearn. I don't think I'll ever know it and fully have it handled until I walk this path.

I want this part of my life handled.

The indifference threshold must be found and blown away. I already don't care much what people think... but at the same time I found myself reacting physically/emotionally to social pressure the other day.

This is Round 2 of getting good with girls. It starts now. Abundance is the goal. No short cuts, no bullshit magic pills. Only hard work.

This isn't just about girls, this is about me and my life.
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Heyyy man.

I was probably where you are now once upon a time... probably way way worse inside. I hated myself on some level, I wanted girls to care about me, I just wanted to be normal and attractive. Felt pathetic. Just wanted a cute girlfriend. Etc.

So I tried lots of magic pills. I went out on-and-off. Varying degrees of success. Finally last summer I buckled down, and started going out consistently.

I've fucked 11 new girls in 2010 (7 weeks?)... at this point I've slept with some models, met a stripper at the strip club and banged her, done a (full pornstar style) threesome, had one night stands all over the world...

Yeah. It's a pretty nice life style.

Hard work. Diligent work. Commitment for long periods of time. Going out when you REALLY don't want to go out. Pushing the envelope. Being positive. Loving yourself.
(I also did a BC with Alex, it was amazing)

here's my blog

And last but not least I suggest never hitting on girls at work haha.
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