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Salutations RSD Nation—just dropping in to share a mind-blowing passage from my reading. It's an excerpt from a translation of the Gesar Epic, a vast body of literature that recounts the struggles and adventures of the legendary 12th century King of Ling in Eastern Tibet. This particular translation is by Douglas J. Penick (2009), titled Crossing on a Bridge of Light. Within its pages, I found this profound connection to game, and to personal expression in general (italicized emphasis added):

Suffering is an endless chain of cause and effect. Liberation is spontaneous, awake.
Because the awakened state is the natural state, There is no separation or non-separation.
Because wisdom is spontaneous presence,
There is no obstruction or absence of obstruction.
Because compassion is the natural way of acting,
There is no hesitation and no certainty.*
Surrender completely to the world of phenomena: Love is the gateway and the offering.
This is the light of freedom.

Holy shit. Literally.

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