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 I play double tennis.

Not on a high level at all but all the teams in my division take it quite serious... and/but there is beer after the game. It comes down to the fact that we all play to win.


There are bad teams, there are so-so teams and there are quite good teams aswell.

Me and my mate (who is very good in the beerdrinking competition aswell btw) are placed 3th currently.

We are experts in winning from the middle and lower skilled players in our league: good mindset, some nice little unexpected tactics, we play our own game and they have to adjust to that.


Last week we had to play the rank 1 team. A relatively very good team.

My mate started to talk to me 1 minute before the start of the game:

MATE: Okay, you play right side against them because you have a better backhand and they play the middle quite a lot.
ME: No, they get the normal treatment, just like everybody else.
MATE: (nervous) Ha ha...
ME: Just do your thing dude! COME AN!!!!

We won the match! 


So I guess it convirmed once again to be at ease, yourself and out of your head at all times.

If you do things your way from the start and it works, there is a very good chance it will continue to work if you continue to do things your way.

If it doesn't it doesn't. With girls I think this way: Okay, we are not made for eachother, im not going to change... Actually! I'm going to change, to another girl.. that one over there looks funny. *Poof*



Area under the curve = bad times. According to Barney Stinson.
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When you apply for a job you are supposed to be really formal and adjust to the needs of the interviewers.. right?


I made jobinterviews my hobby. Im actually employed but I just enjoy the tension such a thing brings. 


At first I tried to be the perfect fit for the companies...


But what I found out when I continued to sign up for interviews even when I already had a job is that I started to get used to the environment and if a funny thought came into my mind I would just say it.

Especially when the interviewer could never be able to get the meaning behind it. Like an inside joke brought outside. Something only funny for me. Breaking his/her balls a bit, uuuh. Making them laugh because of it


Not all ofcourse, but I had a much higher rate of them that would accept me. Even when I was not skilled enough and couldn't answer certain questions I would float through because of my relaxed mindset.

INTERVIEWER #1: blablabla
ME: blablabla
INTERVIEWER#2: <difficult question>?
ME: thanks for ruining my flawless interview so far
ME: I was hoping to learn that kind of things here in your company
ME: Companies are great
INTERVIEWER#2: What do you mean?
ME: Companies are dominating
INTERVIEWER#1: hahhaha
ME: No serious, I would love to be part of this whole thing and continue to improve my skills
INTERVIEWER#2: I myself too didn't know the answer on that question at first I have to tell you.
etc. etc.


Ofcourse it works all the same with women.

I love to open with something like: "YOU ARE A COMMUNIST!" and freestyle from there.
for example: ''only the mustache is missing!''


If she is giving me shiiiiiit I could say: ''Yeah thanks, but you are still a freaking communist, its scary!"

Okay, so far a lot of menpics in this topic. I will finish with some scary communist girls


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So I was like: WHAT THE **** AM I DOING HERE?! This girl totally likes me, is all dressed up nice and sexy, allready said yes to go with me to that party while she normally is ALWAYS with her sister and here I am..

Thinking way too much about dynamics! This amazing beauty sat next to me, I was playing a cardgame with a few blokes. When I smelled her parfume I knew I had to take some action here angel 

I was thinking about the wrong shit. Right eyecontact, all sorts of bladiblah that will kick in automatically. And therefore (because of the analyzingmood) I was shy and ignored her, she wandered off to talk to some other people and I masterminded a plan that would lead me into a night of awesomeness devil

Dunno why.. but the plan was quite simple: 'random' idea
And hell... this girl wanted me.. fucking inside me needed to shut the F up already. cry

So she sat next to me again.
ME: 'Look he is cheating, cards under his ass, can you believe that? MY BEST FRIEND.' omg
HER: 'Haha wtf I dont know this game bladiblah I like that card bladiblah' smile
ME: 'I should use the very uncommon Double-Mill-tactic right?!' what chu talking about (looking like THAT is the last hope for earth)
She plays along and soon we are touching, pulling out 'guns' the fastest just because that is an essential skill in life etc. thumbs up

Fastforward [>>]

Pulled an even hotter girl 'Brad-style' within 3minutes because I dunno, it just happened.
Saw that youtube movie of him the day before and I just feld the same flow and shit. Only started differently with my fresh random fibe:
ME: 'It's so fucking immature!'
HER: 'What?'
ME: 'To love someone the moment you meet them.'
HER: 'Haha.. loser wink'
ME: 'No that's not funny! We need to grow up!' Pushing her
I'm actually typing this on her laptop so thats the end of the story.

My conclusion is... just like I did with this little article it is important to start at a point that doenst make the MOST sense because normal chodeversation is.... you know

So.. any comments? Peer-reviewed kinda shit? Bring me some food for thought por favor shades
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