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 so im at work tonight, its a slow sunday evening at the restaurant. the usual crowd is present; a mix of senior citizens, and middle age families. around 8pm a group of four women get sat at a table in my section. they are all good looking, two are  solid 8's, and two are prob 7's. they are out celebrating a birthday for one of the 8's. from the beginning i approached the table and didnt think anything of it. i gave them water and bread, they were acting normal, and i didnt really talk to them at all.  about fourty-five minutes later, im clearing their entree plates and boxing up leftover food for them. one of the 7's asks me if she is pronouncing my name correctly after she thanks me. this is where the fun starts. i tell her yes she in fact is saying it right, the i ask her name. "star" she says. i tell her it is nice to meet her (boring i know). then one of the other 8's chimes in "havent i seen you in a porno?". i immediately smile and say "yea baby, but were trying to keep that under wraps here."  they all laugh. a go pack their food up and come back. when i present Star with the bag of food ive packed up for her she is in awe and says "Oooooo, whats this?" the others, including myself laugh out loud. i call them "dorks" and they love it. i tell her i gave her a copy of the "porno" in the take-home bag, more laughter ensues. we're having fun and their mood is great. and i make many more trips to the table to exchange banter. another twenty minutes pass and im back at the table. this time Star asks me, "have i been with a Black girl before, you know i shave." i smile and say, " its been a minute" i ask what her "porno stage name" is, she says "destiny". i tell her "mine's Sir Mix A lot, but instead of mix...... yea." more laughter. im just flowing now! i tell them "since it their birthday, we have a vip room in the back of the restaurant , and its two-for-one sunday..... i have my thong in the car !" they love me!! at this point i decide im going for Star's number. i approach her at the table lean in and say " Star, let me see your phone.." then i stand up turn my back toward her and open my palm very slyly behind my back, while whistling and looking upward. like magic she doesnt even hesitate and unlocks her iphone puts it in my hand. i walk away. in the back of the restaurant i enter my number and save it under "Sir Mix A lot" then call my phone. walk back to the table, hand Star her phone saying, "you can find me under "Sir Mix A lot" they laugh as i walk away. they leave shortly after and i tell Star "ill talk to her later". this was the first time ive really felt the myself "flow" like that. it was a feeling of self congruence. i wasnt overthinking my approach or trying to impress them. i was just doing it, and it felt so damn good!!! alot of it was probably the fact that i was disarmed from the beginning , since i work at the restaurant. it wasnt a bar or club where  they would automatically have pre-concieved notions about me trying to get with them. im not worried about hearing from Star or not. tonight gave me a big confidence boost, a feeling of success that i wanted.
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