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It took me about an hour to choose a nickname. That sums up how decisive and aggressive I am pretty damn well.

I was dreaming about starting a blog for about a year now. Hell yeah. So it should be obvious how thankful I am to Seth Godin, if I didn't listen to his interview yesterday, you'd have to wait at least till 2013 to get some 6pac magic yo.

He said start a blog and blog everyday. I'm not sure about the second part, but I'll do my best.

RSD Nation is great because I feel like I can be honest and sincere here. I can't be honest with my mom, I can't be honest with my 4 year long girlfriend, I can't even be honest with my friends. Fuck the shit, I have a hard time being honest with myself. Anonimity makes me feel safer.

That's one reason for starting a blog. Another, a bit smaller reason is that I want to be better at writing. Express my thoughts on paper/screen in a more clear and faster way. If one day I can write as fast as Owen, it will be worth it.

Even if nobody reads it, even if it'll turn out into yet another garbage cry for attention web log, that's not that important to me. I have to write nonetheless. And if one day 6pac will become known as the ultimate world champion of pimps, well, I'll sell this first post in a chode auction and roll with it. I recommend you to be decisive and start bidding now, kill that procrastinating fucker in you!

I don't even know if I'm allowed to use curse words here, if it gets censored it gets censored, I don't swear that much in real life anyway. I have manners.

I stated my purpose, I started the thing, I commit to keep this baby rolling. Honestly. Yeah, sweet dreams, hugs & kisses my invisible friends.
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