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It's already been a month since I joined RSD Nation and started my blog. I haven't missed a SINGLE DAY! Whoa, a disciplined man, didn't know that.

I wanted back in the game, therefore I made a decision to start a blog here, to add some more motivation to go out. And I did. Slowly, bit by bit, I started going out, scared as a cat, anxious to approach, frustrated even. I kept at it though, finally I found myself in a situation where I could approach a girl, then I started proactively looking for those situations, gradually expanding situations where I feel comfortable or just able to approach a girl.

All approaches were during the day (except this weekend), but I guess day game is good for starters, it gets you out, gets you some smiles and convos, as well as it gets you accustomed to "rejections", because most girls don't want to talk to you, they're busy or whatever, and you realize it is no big deal.

Also you learn many other little or big lessons along the way and gain precious reference experiences.

And it's all good! I'm still ballin :)


►Game. The only thing I need is more experience. Hence the plan is to keep going out and get those experiences. Keep pushing the comfort zone and face my social fears.

►I also want to move to a different city and go all out, 'nah mean? I'm thinking about Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen or London.

►Also, I have a pending trip to one special country in Asia, for a couple of weeks in the end of next month. To culture shock the shit out of my mind, and maybe get killed or survive it.

►Also, I'm almost broke. Ain't got no job and little money left. So, I have to find some income or become a manwhore.

►Also, I have a girlfriend situation to deal with.

►Also, get back on healthy track, been eating too many sugar and too little veggies lately. Flip that.

►Also, keep this blog alive. It is one of the few right things I am doing.

►Also, read books more. I fell off the reading wagon lately and been lazy at this.

►Also, cut the time of mindless web surfing and passive entertainment.

And Write faster. That is all for now. I will keep this updated.

Your feedback is welcome, as always.
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I can mack them girls solo in a night club. And even better than in the streets, my verbal game pretty much sucks, so I open with the CLAW. Only if my claw could talk. 

Ok, I'll try to make this a quicker one, but a lot happened so it can get fairly long.
Reading tip:
[Black Swan] was my set of the night. [Sister Girl] was my success of the night.

My friends chode out (hangover...) to go out, so I'm left alone again. Damn it, I feel very lonely last days. Good news is my good female friend is in town and she's having her class reunion at the club. I guess I won't be totally alone. Little did I know then, that I would have been better off alone...

I watch The Office, right before going out I watch Julien's vid about Massive Action and Diving into the Unknown and at 10.30PM I leave home. Shout and sing in the car to unstifle my voice, park it in front of the club, and here we go, the moment of truth. I haven't been in a night club to game for a long long time. Fuck it, let's go.

[Get in] I get in and am happy to see it's almost packed. Breathe in deeply, exhale, and with my jacket on I dive into the dance floor. Open some 2set, claw the better looking girl, claw her fatty, spin the fatty, turn around try to hug the hotter one, no go, hug the fatty, next set, open, claw, my name is 6pac, handshake, she doesn't want to shake my hand, I insist, spin her, claw her in, she gets out, tease her friend, awesome, spot a 100% blonde 2set, go in, they're hot milfs, cool, claw one of them, handshake, then the other one, then dance, then eject.

[Sister Girl] I feel warmed up. I see a girl I've seen somewhere before, it's a 2set, go in, I say 'I think I know you from before', she remembers me too, think, think, think, oh yeah, last time I was at this club I approached her sister, it was months ago. This girl is hot, her firend is even hotter probably and she tries to shove me off and introducing me to her friend right away. Like what the fuck. She's cool too, but I take the sister girl and lead her to the dancefloor. She doesn't want to go, but I say c'mon, I'll teach you to dance. I still have my jacket on, finally take it off, leave it at her table and time to dance.

We get physically close and touching right from the beginning, dancing close to each other and grinding, I feel my dick rubbing against her tight body, I'm sure she feels it too. But she's avoiding my eyes, can't really kiss her, not to mention her firends' pack is right behind us, I can tell she cares about them, but there's no place for isolation, it's a small club. So we dance. Then I decide to go look for my friend, take the sister girl's hand and lead her around the club.

I find my friend (worst thing that could happen that night), she's dancing with some chode, I claw her in with one hand, while still holding my girl's hand with the other. I try to talk with my friend, but the speakers are right beside us, so I don't hear a fucking thing. I take a sister girl to the bar, buy myself a weissbeer and sit in the more quiet place to talk and connect. This girl is into me, and it's on.

[Hit on a married girl]
But I leave her with my beer and go to open some more girls. 5 or 6set on the dancefloor, I go in, disregard the group and only open the most sexy dressed girl, direct, with a claw around her waist, handshake, she says she's married and shows me the ring, okay, wow. Eject. Look for another set but I see my friend and go talk to her, join her class reunion group, which is a bunch of big chodes and two more girls, one whom I also know.

[Bitchy friend and Drama begins]
This is when my friend starts to bug me and preach me how bad I am, who's that I was holding hands with etc, what about my girlfriend etc etc. She's also drunk, so it's full throttle too. At first I just laugh it off and change topics, but she keeps on pressing me, and I get really pissed. What the fuck, why are you doing this. Leave her be, go back to the sister girl.

But it was just the beginning, all the rest of the night she was stalking me, literally, and bitching me about it, constantly asking who's that whore. Also acting fucking needy, asking to dance with her. I did, but no touch going on from me, while she is constantly poking and touching me in one way or another. I mean, she's pretty hot herself, and in the past I even wanted to get with her, but when she's acting like that, fuck you bitch. Plus, sister girl is hotter. Plus there are more hotter girls here.

Obviously my friend is jealous and into me too, though she has a boyfriend too! She even texted me asking to go dance with her in the club. She's also drunk, so next time we do dance, she tries to undress me on the dance floor (can't blame her for that one...), spank my balls couple of times and grabs my ass. It becomes clear why she's asking 'who's that whore' all night.

But I just don't go for her, it's not our night, it's me and the sister girl. However what she says next, really pisses me off, she starts threatening me to write my gf on facebook that I was 'with that ho'. I just can't take this anymore, 'do that, and I'll delete you from my friends list'. Fucking bitch.

I hate to admit, but she ruined my state, and I was in such a good state. I try to rebuild it. By the way, sister girl said she's living alone, you know what this could mean. She's also drunk by now, I offer to lift her home and she says fine. But asks to wait for fifteen minutes. She's a bit colder to me by now too, probably because I was approaching other girls and she saw it all. But as far as I'm concerned we are leaving together.

[Black Swan] However I don't stop. What I did next, I'm really proud of. I notice a real solid hottie. Like wow, black dress, black hair, tall, elegant, got that sexy female swagger. I hesitate. I sit at the sister girl's table, the black hottie is going to dance floor. I have to do this, gather up my courage and go after her.

She's dancing with her two girlfriends, also hot, but not like her. I flinch, luckily she doesn't notice me flinching and I go in, open her with a claw, ignoring her friends, 'hey, I noticed you, I think you're very hot, I want to meet you' handshake, she looks astonished, confused and say 'so let's dance', sure, let's dance. Isolate her from her girlfriends, I completely ignored them, fuck that group theory. She has a beautiful name too, but says her friends call her by a nickname, which is Swan. No shit, she kinda looks lika a black swan, lol. Damn this girl, so sexy and hot, taller than me, great bottom, big eyes, sexy lusty lips, and I'm dancing with her, holding her hands. She breaks all further escalation though.

What I'm thinking is, which is really fucked up, 'damn, this girl is hotter than my girlfriend'. I don't know what my league is, but she is probably out of it. And this girl likes me. I spin her, pull her in occassionally but she keeps the distance, know what I mean. She's fine holding hands though. I try to move her from the dancefloor, but my leading was kinda weak I guess, I was more of asking her to go than leading her to go.

Basically, I'm tired at this point, my state is gradually crashing (that friend got to me, also the beer is draining my energy too), and I don't think I can close this girl so I leave her. Haven't seen her anymore, she disappeared in the night afterwards.

[State Crash]
Sister girl is stalling, drinking her wine, saying twenty more minutes and we can go. She saw me dancing with the black swan, I don't know if that impressed her or depressed her. I don't really care anymore. My bitchy friend keeps stalking and bugging me on every chance she gets. My state keeps crashing.

I go and open one more 2set. With claw, but claw is weak by now, the girl creeps out, what I'm thinking is wtf, it worked on a black swan and you don't like it? and ask ' why are you so unfriendly?', hit on her friend, try to hug her again, but she WALKS OFF. Hahaha. Massive blow out. Rejection, fuck yeah! Love it.

Later I notice the sister girl passing by, grab her hand, and pull her in for some grinding session in front of that girl who walked off from me. I can see the girl is watching me, like, staring at me. Ignore her, you don't walk away from me and then stare at me, have a wet dream, bitch.

I'm so bitter and pissed at that point, I say let's go home to sister girl, but she starts giving me bullshit how she can't leave her friend who's drunk, and her firend doesn't want to go yet. Gives me her number though.

I'm tired, hang in a little more, but I can't find black swan (I was looking for her...), so I say goodbye to my friends, say goodbye to my sister girl, say goodbye to the big bouncer dude, shake hands (I need to befriend those guys) and leave the place. 2.30AM I'm out of here.

[Some final thoughts]
. It was interesting how fast I hit my state (a lot of thanks to sister girl) and then how it crashed just as fast later in the night.It was a combination of things I already mentioned in a report, why it crashed, as well as probably the simple fact that I'm just not used to it.
After black swan my intent was also down, I walked with a limp dick for the last half an hour, even sister girl didn't turn me on no more.

All in all, it was fucking awesome; needless to say, I was the guy who did most approaches in the club :D eclipsed all the chodes. Peace out, Brothers.
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It was a long, ridiculous and fun day. I feel tired a little bit (I blame it on my day game - I walk a LOT during my day sessions...), but it feels good. 

It's [the post] probably gonna get fairly long, I just feel like writing today, so if you don't want to read it all just read the section my crazy 2set in the night. Else is mundane.

[Day Game] I kicked off my day with some day game session, as usual, fifth day in a row for a second week in a row. Awesome. Approached a lot, mostly just warming up, but I hit on some hot girls as well. I don't know, I did a lot of approaches yesterday, something around ten, maybe even fifteen. Lost my count. Approached one really hot girl, it was my "girl of the day", I spotted her across the street, walked to the other side, got in her face and said 'hi'. Sexy dressed blonde, she said hi back to me, stifled, but didn't stop to talk to me. And I didn't walk with her. Chode :)

Nah, it was cool, just implementing the habit. None of my sets were serious. One thing is, the luck factor is huge in the day, most of them girls have agendas and are busy, but the other thing is I don't push it enough. I don't play to win. Now this can be improved.

[Night time] So I go to my 35k people hometown and couple of my old friends. There's only one night club in the town, and they don't wanna go! To be honest, I'm a bit scared to go there alone, so I agree to go there tomorrow with them, reserve a table and all, because that was their argument, 'we won't go if there are no tables to sit at, we won't stand at the bar', and they want to drink. 

Fine, I'm a bit disappointed, but we haven't seen each other for quite a long time, so we go to some shithole bar next to the gas station in the outskirts of the town, because all other normal places are already closed, except that night club. It's a small town, province. Place is a piece of shit, it's also empty - we're the only clients, but the bar girl is cute and sexy (big tits! too bad she's short though), I'm friendly with her right off the bat.

My firends get a bottle of vodka, but I'm driving so I just get one beer to hold the drinking vibe, nah mean. Apparently it's their second bottle today, they get totally shitfaced, start fighting with each other and breaking things, glasses and stuff. This is all pretty funny, bar girl's face is priceless and I can't stop laughing. But the party is over. They pay for what they have broken and I lift them home.

So I'm alone, what do I do? Go back to the shithole and cute bar girl and try to pimp her up! Solid plan, I go back in. She's surprised to see me back, but I push through the uncomfortable, get to know her a little, we talk for about an hour (no clients, she's all mine), I charm her, arrange to meet on Sunday, take her number, double hug her so I can feel her tits pressing against me and leave the place.

Go to the club. I go in, but their closing in 30 minutes and are asking for full entrance fee. Bunch of assholes. So I just try to be friendly with the bouncers and leave. *sigh* tomorrow....

I still don't want to go home, but the streets are EMPTY, it's 2.30 am and just before I give up and go home I get lucky, I see two girls walking by themselves in the night, hence my

[Crazy 2set in the night] I horn at them girlies, stop by them and waive but they completely ignore me. Fuck, I go around the corner to park my car, jump out of it, and go to face them in person. I say 'Hi, don't get scared, I just want to meet you girls'. They try to brush me off, but I walked in and I STAYED IN like champ, really. I was bitter about my lost night session so far, and these girls are tipsy and good looking, they turn me on so I have to give myself in. And I do.

I interrupt them, I plow through their excuses, I get physical right away, start with the handshakes and introduction, then I hug them, and what do you know we are walking together in the same direction now. I keep harassing these girls, hugging them, poking, teasing the shit out of them and they slowly try to admit that they like my company. They ask what am I doing here alone in the night, try to pick up girls, and I say no, just the beautiful ones. They laugh and they love it. Well, I assume so.

They are going home, but now I take the lead and say 'don't go home, home sucks!', the hotter one, she's also more drunk, agrees, 'yeah, home sucks!!' Awesome :) I take them to the park by the lake, group hug!! Good timez! What sucks is that it's still very cold outside, especially by the lake, and I hate it so we get out of there.

I try to invite myself to go home with them, they just giggle it off, pull them push them, call them lesbians (they like it), constantly touching them in one way or another. But I realize they won't invite me to go home with them, so I stop them and hug 'em both, and say 'I want a kiss. From both" hahaha, they struggle to get out, but I hold them in. Mothafuckin DOUBLE CLAW! I don't know, my state is through the roof, I'm just not letting them go home.

The hotter girl gives her cheek for me to kiss, 'no cheek! the lips!' then she turns her friend's cheek, but I ain't kissing no cheek, I say kiss my cheek if you want to. Then I let the friend go and hold the hotter girl with both hands, trying to lock her eyes, but she's avoiding my eyes. The friend, by the way, just walk off  and keep walking, while we shout come back at her. My clawed girl is screaming (well, NOT for the police, lol, she's screaming AND laughing), I can tell she likes it but at the same time is looking at her friend and avoiding the make out. We kiss anyway, just a peck though, no make out, damn it.

My claw lose focus, release the girl for a second and she struggles away from me and RUNS to her friend, gigling and singing. And they're gone. HAHAHA.

Unbelievable. I walk back to my car (loooong walk back, alone in the night) and go home. I had my adventure.

For some of you pimps out there this is probably nothing, but for me this was big. Not even the outcome, but how I handled that set. I PUSHED it hard and went for a kill like a man. That was really fun too, chasing them girls and pushing through their initial defenses.

Amazing experience, I want to find a way how could I do this full time. Because this is the shit. Thank you for reading, it was long, but it's important to me.
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... another bunch of approaches. 8 approaches, couple of 2sets, no outcome.

One set was alright, she liked me and was blushing, which I don't know how to handle shy girls, I like them more when they are aggressive and confident, but anyways, no go, she said 'I can't, I have a boyfriend' in her sweet lovable tone of voice.

Later I lost my momentum, lost my swagger, got in the head and my game was dead, buuut I got myself up to tease some two ridiculously hot girls and got them laughing but I just ejected, couldn't mentally handle it. They were the hottest I've seen yesterday, and probably this week. Both taller than me (well, I'm kinda short, I guess..), dressed like models, too fucking intimidating. Arggrgrgrhhhg!

But here's a tip! Those really hot girls, they are almost always happy about the fact that you talk to them, they are more friendly than those who are less attractive. Most of the time. Not always.

I'm doing alright I suppose, but I have to go harder. And be more social in general. Don't value judge so much and interact to less attractive girls for momentum building sake. Go for more challenging sets. Amp it up slowly, nice 'n eazy.

Tonite I hope to hit some night time venue, it should be interesting.
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Drill day in my playground. 9 approaches yesterday. Nothing solid, not too much fun did I have either, but it had to be done.

For the sake of cold approaching, so it becomes automatic and completely normal for me. Unconscious competence, 'nah mean?

Good news that cold approaching is becoming comfortable for me ... if the situation is comfortable for me.

For me it's all about the situation, not about a girl, really. If no one's watching I can approach the hottest girl, but if there are dozen of people around, like in a bus stop, I struggle to approach any girl. I don't care that much about a girl's thoughts (I know she'll be flattered at least) as I care what surrounding masses of chodery will think, like, I'm afraid to be mocked or laughed at. It's embarassing but it had to be said, and logically I know it's stupid, but fact is, I have it in my mind.

This is a great, quick and on point video by Ozzie.

I noticed I stopped pushing my comfort zone. I got comfortable approaching in certain situations, and I keep doing it, not going for it in the situations that are more scary.

Like Julien said in his ARTICLE, there's always a comfort zone, and the only way to really grow is to constantly adjust to it and push through.
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It happened again, I went out to do some day game and approached 8 girls. I'm very happy and proud to say this, however I'm little pissed that I didn't approach any 2set again, and I choded out on the last hottie I saw before going back. She just had that perfectly sweet ass, and that lusty eyes and look in her face, ughr, damn it. THAT is the regret of the session.

But I did good anyway. Achievement of the session is the big number of approaches ... and the number close ! Yay~

Number Close Report. When I spotted this girl I already had some momentum and a nice sountrack playing in my head, but I still hesitated. It goes like this, I spot a fine ass girl in the distance and I smile to myself, I'm happy but as I'm coming closer and closer to her, hesitation and doubt arises. But fuck it, she's hot and worth it. Nicely dressed and a little taller than me (don't you hate it? I do).

I say 'hi' fairly loud (she's wearing headphones) and get in front of her. She stops, looking confused, taking her phones off. I say, 'my name is <cap6>, I just wanted to meet you' and extend my hand for a handshake, holding eye contact (this is important IMO). We shake hands, she tells her name. Her eyes are grey, looking good, her voice is soft, sounding good. I ask what music she listens to and start walking with her. It's The Beatles by the way. Cool, I can tolerate it.

We keep walking, talking and getting to know each other. Surprisingly (?) she's very normal and comfotable about all this. I escort her to the grocery store, forbid her to buy some biscuits (it's not healthy, duh ..) so she ends up buying some oranges instead. Then we go to the park and eat them.

Instant date!

The girl must find me very attractive for some reason, because I'm doing nothing! Absolutely zero game, just talking and asking questions, well and listening what she's saying. It's still very cold outside, but we walk in the Old Town for quite a long.

This was the longest day game set of my life. Close to an hour or something like that, I forgot to set the timer or alarm clock (that'd be funny). 

At the end I got her number, we hugged and parted (she went home). I offered to escort her, but she declined.
Number is solid, I texted her later 'thank you for an orange' and she replied 'than you for a number'.

I could've escalated harder I think, go more physical, take her hand etc. But I guess I forgot to focus on her, and instead of being lead by my core desires as a man (read, a DiCK), I let myself be lead by my mind, just enjoying the walk and talk with a beautiful girl. Which was fine, a good reference experience.

Oh, by the way, the girl has master's degree in philosophy, hence the name of my blog post. She's intimidatingly smart and at times I felt like a dumbass compared. Aaahh, who cares, knowledge is overrated, right ;)
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Hahaha, what a hell, I don't know. NONE of them girls stopped to talk to me yesterday :) 

That was funny. There was a heck of a weather out there, something like a snow storm almost, and the biggest challenge was to actually find some girls that I'd be attracted to. It took me about one and half hour, but I did it! I approached 6 girls. Cool. No 2set though. Not cool.

That sucks, kinda, because I have no story from the trenches to tell. I'll make something happen today.

Yeah, after two days spent chilling and wothout approaching anyone, the hesitation to approach was back again. I missed a couple of really attractive girls.

I also was at the scary mall for ten minutes, just quickly walked through, but haven't approached anyone, there were few girls in there but after walking for an hour and a half in cold, my frequency was very low. So the scary mall got to me again and I left soon.

Today will be better. Same mission, go hit on some 2set as well, have fun.
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Anybody who says they don't know what they want is lying. Most likely and often to themselves primarily.

In our modern society, lack of knowledge is not a problem. The only problem is lack of action.

Everybody knows what they want, they just don't go after what they want. When you consistently don't do things that you want to do, you develop a habit for it, a bad one.

For me, saying 'i don't know what i want' is just a fucking excuse to cover up for your fears and desires. It's difficult to face them and deal with 'em, so we rationalize that we're not sure if we really want to. Bullshit.
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My second weekly evaluation of my game practice.

Cool. Awesome. Fun. Exciting. CAFE or FACE, or EFCA.

Yeah, it was that good for me, I did more than 30 approaches, which is more than I did in year 2011 & 2010 combined, probably. I got 4 solid numbers, one of them I deleted but  still have the other three, all cute girls, one is hot for good.

The most pleasant surprise for me was that after all these years spent cherishing with one girl I still have a pretty decent game, and it was all day game for christ's sake!

Next week I want to do more approaches, make it fun and enjoy my time and go a little bit harder. Just a little bit, maybe go for a little bit harder sets, go for close a little bit more, keep pushing my comfort zone, knock my little inner chump down.

Oh, and follow up on my number closes somehow. Try and arrange a meet with those girls. Somehow.

What I really want to do is night game, I can't promise I'll do it, but we'll see, maybe. Let things flow easily.
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It was yesterday, easy and light time out in field doing some casual day game approaches. I did my missionary 5 approaches+ (6 total), one of them was 2set and I went for the girls I really want to. [approached one super hot chick!]  No closes this time though, but I don't sweat it, I had fun anywayz, and I haven't yet proceeded further on my previous closes so the main focus was on fun factor.

I felt good and light, relaxed in general throughout the session, the approach anxiety is gradually fading away into the background after five days of approaching in a row.

I kick it off with 2set, thought of it as a warm up set, my voice is unstifled from singing in the car and I enjoy the sound of it, the girls giggle, one of them replies but the other one drags her forward, poof, gone, don't care. Fire off couple more approaches which also go nowhere. Don't care.

Then I see her, the sexy girl from my teenage dreams, lol. She's wearing schoolgirl's mini skirt (she's not a schoolgirl though, too mature) and there's a strong wind yesterday, it's kind of perverted but the wind occassionaly raises her skirt as she goes and it's sexy as fuck, hot hot. I chase after her. She's walking very fast by the way, so I keep walking after her for maybe two minutes until I finally catch up and approach her from behind. With a compliment too. I said, 'hi, I think you look just beautiful'. Cheesy, but it takes a LOT of courage for me to do it. Let me say it again, this girl is seriously HOT and seriously dressed in a very sexy outfit, she's also blonde and have big beautiful green eyes. Legit stuff.

Using deep breathing and smiling, and being in a very light mood in general I manage myself to be just chill enough to have a conversation while walking next to her. She's friendly, obviously flattered by my approach. I intorduce myself and we shake hands. Cool. Talk some more, she says she just came back from another country, visited her boyfriend. I think cool, her boyfriend is away but let that thought go and do not escalate. I did not attempt to close her, which thinking rationally now, I regret. ABC. Should have pushed it a little, but I did fine anyway, just approaching this type of girl is a great reference experience for me.

Schoolgirl skirt walks into some store and right away I spot my next target, I go in and introduce myself when she takes her headphones off. She's in a hurry but she likes me, but I let her go. I approach a couple more girls and go home.

I wanted to stay in field more, but I had to go, didn't have time unfortunately. (I have to be home before my girlfriend comes home, she doesn't have keys...) That kind of sucks, because I really enjoyed my time out and wanted to approach some more girls, but it is what it is.

This was a pretty intense week of day gaming. Cool, I'm happy I did what I did.

No game for me during this weekend as well, I'll lose my nice momentum a little bit, but will be back in trenches next week. Till then, guys.
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