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Finally I missed a day of blogging, just couldn't find the time to spend alone and write something yesterday, that's it. But that's not a tragedy, this month I won't blog everyday here on RSD Nation, because I'm making a conscious decision to spend less time, that is less days, in field. Rearranging my activities a little bit here.

First, let's look back on the month of March. It was one great cool and fun month to have. I was going out 5 days a week (except for the last week - only 4), and doing 5+ approaches on average per day out. I closed down several numbers and had some instant dates, couple of kisses, all was good!

It was almost exclusively day game, but I hit a couple of nights too, to mix it up a little.

Blogged every single day!

A lot of positive reference experiences overall. It's all preparation for the big show. I am already thinking about this summer, I'd love to go out every day/night for the whole summer. That would be [92 days challenge] SICK. Hard-fucken-core. This kind of marathon race would require some preparations for me, if I want to make it. Like prepare for it physically and mentally, as well as financially, and preferably find a wing or some kind of support and a good place(city) to do it. Set myself in motion and get accustomed and prepared for this kind of lifestyle in May, burn some bridges and move all-in.

That would be one way to do it, one hell-of-a-summer, I get excited just thinking about this.

Naturally I have to take care of some other parts of my life before that, hence I'm stepping back away a little for April. I can't do day2s and I can't hit night game, so it's starting to feel like a form of social masturbation anyway.

So yeah, not a lot of field reports this month probably, focus more on my financial area, travelling and find other ways to challenge myself, still socialize with people though, lol. No cave meditation retreat hopefully.

Get louder while interacting with people, just consciously go for it. Self control to speak louder.

Write and read.

Have fun.

That is all!

Everybody who followed my blog, I thank you! and I wish you to have one RAD APRIL, tear it all apart! Yeah, and I'll see you, brothers.
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No streets due to the fact I can barely walk with my injured knee and it hurts like mawfocka.

I was at the shopping mall however, but didn't approached anybody, although it was full of people and I could've easily made five approaches at least. Buuut, I guess I wasn't in the 'mood' .

In the evening stayed at home and drank some beer before going to sleep with my girlfriend.

Maybe at least I can focus more on my money situation now while I can't move much. Maybe, one can hope, right.
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Not the best day. And not the worst either. Just being above the ground, trying to enjoy it all.

Field time was lame. Like, super duper lame on turbo. I did my five approaches for the approaching sake, although after the first one I had no will to do more. Something didn't feel right, I started feeling guilty etc.

All approaches were easy targets, not in particularly attractive too. No war pigs, but only average, and I didn't push any of them really. No challenging situations today. Not much growth, I suppose, either.

What's way worse though is that I injured my knee during a basketball practice. Today I can barely walk. I don't know if I'll go out at all.

Bright side? I can naturally strut like a seasoned war veteran. Sexy!
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Hey hey, 'nother day in field, of challenge and fun!

For warm-up I listen to trance music, shout some nonsense sounds in the car and have a small talk in the waiting line with a very cute girl, but she was with her chode boyfriend, so no hitting/heating on. She liked me though, poor girl, has to go home with him, yuck.

Anyway in field I stall from the beginning and don't approach that first girl I see, nor second, nor third for that matter. Walk for quite a while until I finally walk up to some girl, first two were nothing special, and I got in my head again. However I decided to amp it up and just go for it, challenge myself a little.

Therefore I hit on the next girl hard, so hard I creeped her out I'm afraid. Hot girl. She took her headphones off to talk with me, but I pushed her away, lacked that nice flow, felt like a creepy dude. Blooow out.

And guess what? Nothing happened! Nothing bad, I mean. I walked about hundred meters away, and still was alive, feeling zero pain and a little pleasure inside that I stepped up. Coool.

Next I hit on a girl who's on the phone, she's tempted, but no.

Then I hit on "girl of the day", very hot blondie, very challenging situation too, there were like dozen chodes sitting on the benches, watching me approach (okay, most likely they were just looking at the girl, not me :)) but it was still one of those difficult situations to approach for me, felt like I'm on a spotlight.

I got rejected of course, but it was worth it.

Later I also approached a girl at a traffic light. Very proud of it.

Total six approaches, three girls had headphones on, one was on the phone and one was super hot and challenging.

Lots of fun.
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This will be a quick one. As the day game session was a fast one. Brief and intense, hitting the field primal style.

Not really, to be honest, I was stifled. For one reason or another I did not warm my voice, and after the first approach I realized I'm stifled as a m*^(029er. My voice was weak, so I made my approaches weak. Not pushing, going light, too light on them girlies.

That's a crucial mistake really, I depend too much on the quality of my voice, even if it's weak and I sound like a Mickey Mouse I should plow thru nevertheless. Just a note for myself.

Despite all good intentions I got in my head, and kinda lost all swagger. Approached five girls anyway! One of them was gorgeous, blonde, angel face girl with a naughty mind (c'mon, you know it!). I said 'you look really beautiful', and believe me brothers, she really does. But because I sounded like Mickey Mouse giving compliments she didn't hang.

All girls were very attractive, only I was stupid, cupid. Next time!
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Get in the car, start the engine running, blast some good old trance like Forever Today, warm up the voice by singing high notes, get to the parking lot, get out of a car and hit on the very first girl you see.

Fail to do that, *embarassed grin*, it was a group of three and I chickened, but I hit on the next one, 2set, young girl with her mom! Awesome, let's go!

I try to strut around like Travolta but it's not working, can't choose a girl to approach, until I finally do choose one, say 'how are you', she says 'fine' after hesitating and acting confused and keeps walking, I'm not warmed and she's not warmed.

Then I chode around some more, for a while, don't know really why, what the fuck is happening, but I can't accept it and make a decision to do three more approaches, and start playing the counting game with myself.

This is a killer technique, really. I approach one girl, doesn't go, then I spot another one, I hit on her hard. Taking this one on seriously. Looking straight at her the entire time, slightly smiling, holding strong eye contact for the entire interaction, which was short by the way, but productive anyway.

'Hi, you have a minute?' um yeah, i do
'I just want to tell you, you look beautiful' oh thank you bla bla
'My name is 6pac' extend my hand, she hesitates, but shakes it and tells her name
'Are you in a hurry? ' yes, actually I am, I have some things to take care of bla bla
'That's a pity' yea, bla bla.
'Let's meet some other time then, what do you say?' um, bla bla, okay
'Do you have a phone?' bla
'Do you remember your number?' bla bla
'Write it down for me, will ya' okay

I hand her my phone, and she enters her digits very quickly. Tells me to introduce myself when I call. Okay, I will, lol. Bye bye. Cute girl, very sweet.

Then I strut like Travolta, grinning. Yeah, baby, next I approach a difficult set (for me), I catch up with a sweet-ass bird from behind and state my interest right away, but she's not interested so it doesn't go. Who cares, right in front of her I approach another one! Awesome, that one doesn't go either : ) 

Fast and intense session, sort of. In conclusion, awesome!

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I am keeping it. Week in, week out. Evaluations and goals for next week. Concentrated.

Looking back on a past week, it's funny, it was a damn good week overall, but game-wise it wasn't. It was the most passive week since I've started cold approaching. I did 10+ approaches in total, so it's not too bad though. Got one facebook close, yay~!

I've expected it to be a week more rad, but it is what it is. Paraphrasing one of the greatest advices I ever saw in forums, "Stop expecting anything, stop dreaming about heights and good results, and just focus on what's in front of you, focus on doing the right thing at the moment.  (credit: Shevtshenko, from PS community) 

[Reviewing my goals], I failed to go out 5 days, well, I did go out 5 days, but did approaches only on 4 of them, so it's a close call. But I intended to go out AND approach for five days. I'm still making no money. Ate too much sugar and other junk overall. Trip is not planned. Books, I read them, but not too much. I have moved out from my gf for four days but now I'm back, so I haven't really moved out, and we fucked yesterday for christ sake. Write, I do that, still haven't missed a single day of blogging. Talk more, what was this about, I did talk quite a lot.

Quick evaluation - I'm a BIG MESS. But I had a lot fun this week. Problem is, I like it, being a mess. I want to be better, but I feel happy where I am right now. It's not a problem to be happy, but I have to move forward anyway. Even if at a very slow pace. FORWARD.


> 5 days in field doing cold approach, pushing my comfort zone

> focus on $ situation, plan, research, give a shot, look for a job possibilities

> do some research on places I want to visit in Asia

> keep the blog alive and updated

> cut the sugar, eat more veggies

> replace news reading and passive surfing into book reading

> strut like John Travolta

> breathe like Buddha

That is all, beast mode ON!
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It was dark saturday night out there, but I kept my promise (well, kinda...) and went out anyway.

Day was wasted because somebody has died, somebody whom I never knew even, but under given circumstances I had to go and show my condolences.

Hence comes the night. I was planning to meet my good friend whom I didn't see for a few months and probably hit the club with him, but strangely he didn't answer my calls nor texts. I don't even know what to make of it. Another good friend was still destroyed after our kayaking trip therefore refused to leave the house. Another friend didn't respond to my text. What the hell. 

Got me down a little bit. I'm left alone, again, with huge hesitation and strong resistance to going out, again.

Sometimes it's dreadful not having a wing, and being exclusively solo in this. But I guess you just have to deal with it. Say fuck it, and proceed from there.

So I watch a couple of striptease/ass shaking videos on youtube, get my "state" up, get dressed and leave the goddamn house into the night.

Drive around my small town, singing and warming my voice. Streets are completely empty. That sucks, no warm-ups, but I gather my courage and strut through the parking lot right to the night club (the only one in town).

And it is shit. Like, almost empty, few girls, lots of chodes in comparison, basically - a chode infernity. Bouncers surround me asking to pay the entrance fee. And I take the second look, seizing up the environment, do I want to pay the whole entrance fee, 2set by the bar, group of girls on thedancefloor - approach them, and then what? Drink beer and hold onto my dick, fuck it.

I don't know, maybe it was me making excuses, but I was pretty worked up at the moment to go and hit it, but it's just not worth the money. Got angry, went back to the car, drove around the streets some more, nothing, no action. Went home to meditate, then hit the hay.

At least I got out, and approached the bouncers.
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Felt physically destroyed all day, I think I caught some cold while kayaking, or the damn beer poisoned me, who can know for sure now. Anyway, only woke up at noon, that's living the life yo...

Met some friends, talked a bit and went for a workout on turn bar. Ever wonder why my nickname is 6pac, lol? Physically I'm killin it, I was eating shit for the last couple weeks and still am pretty strong. Damn ma, I really like to bra'.

Afternoon, I drag my ass into the field and do some socialising. Three approaches. There weren't that many people in the streets, I'm in my small town again. Two of them approaches indirect. That's something new. One girl was clearly underage, ouch. Don't report me, I held my claw to meself.

A girl I directly approached walked away after thinking for a couple of seconds. I laughed out loud.

I wanted to go hit the night, but I was lonely on my own, chilling in the night, making videos of myself, and after an hour long discussion between my champ and chump, chump took the upper hand. 'cause I was kinda on the chump's side this time. Didn't go anywhere. A lot of funny thoughts came up, like, I was afraid for some reason I will get my ass beaten if I go. Strange, huh.

I'll go out today. I promise.
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No game yesterday.

Nature called.

I went on a kayaking trip. One fucken long, looong kayaking trip.

It was super awesome but now I feel physically super exhausted.

However, still alive! Life's good, no bitches required.
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