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And that is to sit at home as opposed to going out and interacting with other human beings, preferrably with a between their legs.

I've been choding out last couple of days, been "busy" you know.


I am visiting my gf, so there'll be couple more days of cherishing and no game. Which is fine, I love it, but as much as I love it, I also have a deep desire to develop my game. Which I will, eventually.

I'm trying to enjoy it all though, keeping myself positive, smashing some good work outs this week, getting back to a cool healthy diet. As a matter of fact, I just bought and brought home three pounds of beef, that's gonna be some awesome dinner yo.

So yeah, I'm a bit all over the place here, juggling going out and long term relationship, a bit jealous of Tyler and his management skills, a bit jealous for all the single guys out there, but it's all good, I have a very cool life, grateful for it, and thing is, I want to enjoy and be normal sometimes.

Not for long though, this summer already reserved to be a summer of long uncomfortable(fun!) adventure.

After all this, title makes no sense at all, does anyone care? I thought so.

Chill peace.
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Weekly stuff. It's personal. I'm just being pro ecology green and saving paper, hehe.

It's been a great week overall, plenty of quality jerking off time (well, I need to cut that) and otherwise it's wonderful, it's green everywhere, it's beautiful, I'm back on my track, wasting lots of my time, being productive from time to time, and it's awesome.

o Summer Challenge. It's going good, I started cold approaching again, which is getting me some social momentum going, keeping my teeth sharp and ready for 92 days of embarassment and adventure. Social marathon. It's scary but exciting.

o Loud Voice. I'm trying, lord knows I'm trying. Still a long way to go, but I have to keep on trying to speak louder in every of my interaction. It's going well so far. All I have to remember is "be louder". Consciously bring it up often.

o Physical Supremacy. After three weeks of being on vegetarian diet full of flour, grains and sugar, all I have to say is believe the hype of Primal Blueprint and other paleo diet advocates. If you want to be physically strong, that is. I've lost good part of my fitness and power. Watch my diet, cut the damn flour out, minimize the sugar and it's gonna be awesome, a dream of doing a muscle up will become a reality.

o $ income / business. This is where I'm fucked though. That's one thing I have many doubts and uncertainty about, as well as a lot of disempowering beliefs and rules. And damn lack of clarity and discipline. Thing is, if I don't put my full focus on this and work my ass off to change it, I will never be $uccessful. I just gotta take it way more seriously and carve out time for this.

o Get a job. I looked at a few ads, but have to be more aggressive about this one too! Goal is to find one before the summer.

o Contribution. I'm trying to be a good and positive person as much as I can, I helped my grandmother, and considering RSD Nation as my church, I'm trying to give as much value to my church as I can. The goal is to give out the best of me for free, just for the fun of it.

o 10 Days Mental Challenge. It's going very well, I'm on my 3rd day already :).

Boom!, that is all. I'm off to read a book and search for a job after.
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I have a story to tell ... about how everything that happens, happens for a reason, LOL! (don't pay attention to the title, it's bullshit :)

Being a man of faith is not that bad at all (who else loved John Lock's character from Lost? I did :)).
And being positive. I'm hammering this one down into me lately. Taking up on Tony Robbins' 10 days mental challenge, it's going very well, but yesterday I had to restart it from day 1 because I lost my nerve and - this is reaaallly embarassing, but gotta be honest - shouted at my mom... Really embarassing, dammit. I thought it will be easier, but I hope to get to ten days this time, forward!

After a couple of days in the place close to nature and no internet connection, today I got back to my town and strolled down the streets for some casual approaching session. Not many girls out, but I did it anyway. With Ice Cube blasting in my headphones.

Approach a couple of girls here and there, nothin serious, except one shy girl blows me (or more like herself;)) away hard, which I find sort of amusing. Then - calm. No girls to meet as I wander around with full strut on.

Field Report:

Finally I see a nice girl across the street, but she's walking in opposite direction, fast, and I can't cross the street because of traffic. Shit, right? No, I spot another one, but when I cross the street, she's already gone, into the shop prolly. Shit, right? No, that's where John Lock attitude comes in and saves me :). Everything happens for a reason and that girl would have just wasted my time, and I would have missed on the girl I'm gonna meet.

If I meet her :). Irrelevant, with full faith on I go forward and get real lucky, a very cute girl (best I've met today) comes my way. Awesome! Hit on her, meet her, walk with her, apparently she's late for dancing practice and is in a hurry, so after small talking I just say we should meet sometime, and she's like yeah, why not. So I take her number.

She's still in high school by the way, underage, but she's very hot, and it's legal in my country, I think, I don't know, I need to check that :)

Cool, that makes my day, I know I shouldn't be outcome oriented, but fuck it, feels damn good to get a number of a hot girl. But, yeah, back on track, what's important that I took action. Whoo. And it happened for a reason! yes :) and it was me who created that reason, my actions led me to the great experience of meeting a great girl, not some deterministic bs, of course, but that's a nice attitude to have to keep your state high when things don't go your way. And then, sooner or later, when things do go your way you can rationalize that you're chosen by God. Just kiddin' :) but positive state of mind = resourceful state of mind.

I also had another interesting encounter, met a girl from my high school years and she goes like "wow, you changed so much", cool, she's not that good looking, but she's a decent looker, in a binary system she's definetely 1 and not 0, and I remember she had a hot sister. So she give me her number, I say we can meet sometime for coffee and she goes "sure, I've plenty of time nowadays!". What's interesting is she also told me that she's working two jobs nowadays... Guys, is that IOI ??? I'm confused, LOL

Kiddin kiddin, I know girls love me :) 
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My first real solo night out, I knew nobody at the club. Yet, in the end it didn't stop me from approaching almost everybody. :)

I had some resistance at home (little, didn't let it take over me) and while driving to the club. My hands were shaking a little bit, that's normal, right? :D

Fuck it, who cares. Before entering I approach a 3set outside the club, just a small talk, then go inside and it's shit - almost empty, but I spot a girl and approach her. A friend comes and takes her away.

mmmkay, I kept telling myself "it's great, it's awesome" (be positive) by force, but if I'd be objective, it sucked shit, ALL girls were with some chode(s). And by all I mean 8 or 10 LOL. I get a small glass of beer and sit out to observe and judge the environment. As I consume my beer, clubs fills up a little and I hit the dancefloor. Carefully, I'm alone and I don't really wanna be too aggressive on girls when there are dudes swarming around them.

So yeah, I go light, what I'd describe as a traditional chode dancefloor game which sucks, but I high five some dudes, get more in state, get a warmup grind from a little overweight lady, that gets me harder and even more in state and slowly I relax and dance around for my fun. Because most girls resist my physicality attempts so I just dance next to them, like a gentleman.

Get some serious grinding from a sort of ugly faced girl, but her body was in good shape and I have to admit when she rubbed her ass against my dick, charles got seriously hard. Great success! But I don't wanna get stuck on her and move on. By the end of the night I've approached the majority of girls in one way or another. That's like ~15 or something. Most were very standoffish and unreceptive but who cares, I did that in spite of orbit chodes hanging around.

The best experience of the night - dancing with a very cute blonde MILF, her body is in a great shape, got me hard immediately. I went physical with her immediately, I guess she was a little drunk, so I took advantage of it. Rubbed my dick against her hip like there's no tomorrow. Awesome shit. Went for a make out, two or three times, but she avoided it. Beautiful eyes but silly woman. Asked her for a number, but she said "no, you're too young" and I couldn't convince that it doesn't matter and actually is an advantage. So no close. Damn. Anyways, I see it as a very positive encounter and a success of the night, yeah~

So yeah, nothing very good happened but nothing bad happened either, and I had some good time, some fun and met quite a lot of people, which concludes the night as a damn good one. Like what would be the alternative I could have done, watch porn at home? pfff.

And i was alone, solo, without any support, damn I really rock ! :)

For guys who decided to not go out, sorry, that was a lame decision on your part. Make a better one next time ;)
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Tomorrow will be NO better.

What do I mean. This is one of my mind's top tricks to play with me. And I'm damn sure I'm not the only one. "nah, I can do it tomorrow." 

In field it manifests into a form of "nah, I'll just go easy today, I'll go hard tomorrow/when I get a haircut/when I'm dressed well/when I feel good/whenever whatever it will be better" but the truth is it won't. "Today approaching seems hard, tomorrow/next week/... will be easier" no it won't.

If I don't approach the damn girl today, what makes me think I will tomorrow? What's gonna change? Nothing. If I do approach today, then yes, tomorrow will be easier to do the same. But if I don't, then nothing changes.

After all, [approaching] is not even a skillset, you don't need no skills to just approach a girl, all you need is some balls (and a habit). It's just a habit. If you don't do it, you're enforcing a habit of not approaching. With every day habit only gets stronger. If you don't do it today, tomorrow will be only HARDER to do it.

It's like people who are trying to quit smoking, but only after they finish that last pack of cigarettes. As if additional pack of cigarettes would make it easier to quit, when it only gets you even more addicted.

Likewise, if you're "addicted" to not approaching, one more day or week of non-approaching is NOT gonna lower the intensity of your habit. The opposite is true.

It's one of the most common ways my mind tries to escape from the pressure and uncomfortable situations by trying to convince me that in future it's gonna be easier. However, it's just your emotions trying to protect(/fuck up) you from a possible change. When you inject some logic, it's clear that this is bullshit.

I'm sure this applies to many guys.

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Hit the streets again, predator style, looking for silly rounded ass preys. Evil grin!

Yesterday I made a couple of cold walk ups, though I could've made more. There were very limited number of girls around, but I could've scored more. Irrelevant now! Images of the girls I did not approach try to haunt me, but I try to focus on what's positive >>>> a cute girl who stopped and took her headphones off to talk to me, and another who self - rejected herself, she's shy, I extended my hand fr a high five, but she got scared and frowned :DD

oh well.

Today was even better.
I didn't count but it was about five approaches I did. One number close. The girl is hot too!

Field Report:

I spotted two girls at the traffic light across the street and they split up, one went in my direction the other one away. But she's hotter, so I go after that one. Follow her till I catch her, very nice ass blonde, amazing hair. I approach her from behind (less comfortable for me) and say hi, my name is pac. She is very cute, and I'm a bit nervous.

But she gives me compliment, she says "your not local probably, locals don't approach stranger girls like that" and I'm like, fuck yeah, I'm not local, I'm from RSD Town! :) 

Anyway, we go to the bus stop where she waits for a bus to go home. We flirt, or I flirt, she's not giving back much, but I stay in almost against my will, you know the feeling when you want to eject yourself prematurely and run away from pressure? Well, I'm very proud to say I fought that feeling down and stayed in.

I took her hand, looked in the eyes, and said she has the same color eyes as me (truth), we have something in common. I feel a window in front of me, like I could pull her in, hug and maybe even go for a kiss, but I don't and the window is gone, I let go of her hand.

Damn it right. I try to arrange an instant date or a meet up later, or the next day, but it doesn't fly. I'm very nervous and I'm rocking back and forth all over the bus stop, my body language was terrible I guess :) 
But I stayed in and went for a number close. And I got it, can you believe it how easy it is :)

Her bus comes, we hug goodbye and maybe we''ll meet someday again. Or not. I try not to care.

I felt awesome, my state was uuuup. Too bad there weren't any other girls around on my way, fucken province right. Focus on positive it's cool. Got a number of a very hot girl. Awesome.

I rock :)
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I want to make a public commitment to the RSD Nation.

If I follow through with this, it's going to be a life-changing experience for my social life.

Rules of the challenge:

o Go out every day/night (beast mode) for the duration of the summer - 92 days, starting on June 1st, finish line on August 31st.

o "Go out" means go out AND approach girls.

o Push myself beyond comfort zone and go for a close as much as I can.


o Find a wingman, if not, solo is fine.

o Keep track of it here on RSD Nation (if I have internet connection), otherwise get some paper journal going on.

o Have fun :)

Goal to Strive for:

o Ten lays. (o_x)

Other Notes:

There are still three weeks till the summer, I want to get warmed up and some social momentum going on before the challenge.

I haven't yet decided where I'm gonna do it or how, I guess the location will be wherever I get a job. Preferrably a big city or beach resort.

Tune out negativity, focus on what's positive and be prepared to take massive action.
Leave my girlfriend, leave my friends and family out of it, no facebook, a complete change of environment would be ideal.


! If anyone here wants to join me - DO THAT (contact me here or thru PM), I don't want to do this alone !
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Month off is past, one of these days I'm hitting the field again. Promise.

Evaluation.  [of april]

My financial situation is just as bad as it was month ago. Actually it's worse now. It sucks, but now it's obvious I'll have to get a job and work for somebody else again.

My situation is frustrating. I still have an ongoing relationship with my girlfriend, which I really care about, BUT I want to dedicate myself to pimping (fancy word for getting social aspect of my life handled and exploring the wonders of opposite sex), not to a relationship. Hence, the conflict. Need for a change is a must now.

India was awesome. I love travelling, and I think I learned a lot from this last trip. Gained some new perspectives of looking at life.
Also, the concept of "Damn, how lucky I actually am" was aggressively right in my face almost entire time I was there. I have no right to make excuses or blame my environment. My environment rules, as compared to where I could've been born.

now to the Goals. Yesterday, on the plane I had some time and I wrote down few of them, only the most important.

o Summer Challenge. That's a challenge I want to do by going out every day for the entire summer. 92 days. That is my social goal.

o Loud Voice. I want to be louder. It's not a physical issue but a mental one, so I will consciously try to speak louder in all of my interactions. Until I bang it into my unconscious part of mind.

o Physical Supremacy. I'm already in a pretty good physical shape, but I have a momentum going and I want to keep it going. I want to become stronger and I want to run a marathon race this year. This of course includes healthy lifestyle and healthy eating.

o $ income/business. I don't wanna work my entire life for somebody else, I want to be able to provide for myself by creating something of my own, producing my stuff. I want to be my own boss who pays salary to me.

o Get a job. Until I get my own business up & going, however, I need a job, I can't feed on dust.

o Contribution. Contribute my services to my church, offer value to those I care about and those whose not so lucky.

That is all! Stay positive and have fun!

P.S. I also started Tony Robbins' 10 days mental challenge, where you have to stay positive and in a resourceful state of mind the entire ten days, without any dwelling on negative thoughts, patterns and other mental poison type of bullshit. Challenge is on, I'm on my second day.
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I'm back! Nice to see you, bringin' much love to ya'all!

Just to spin it off.

Why blogging here is so damn cool and important? 

-> It makes your RAS (damn I love this fancy word) focus on pick up (more) hardcore.

-> It holds you accountable to step up and take action. It's pretty damn lame to keep entering fluffy posts without any FRs, so sooner or later you're FORCED to take action :) 

Not to mention you can track down your progress and thoughts. Awesome stuff.
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Wassup guys. Happy Easter! Kind of late to greet but never late to celebrate.

Friday night I hit the club, with my good buddy back in town. Feeling a bit of shitty, long hard day and other bullshit, just come home from long drive, throw my stuff inside, change my hoodie into a sexy designer sweater, apply some cologne, leave the dirty jeans on, clean my shoes a little, grab a handful of almonds, munch them and head out.

Venue is pretty hot tonight, a lot of cute and hot girls in the house. Music is half shit, half amazing, who cares. I go and meet my buddy inside, plus some other dudes. I get a beer and we vibe it off and sit talking (not that much, actualy), but it is low and slow. I'm just chillin' and not making any moves, watching girls dance on the floor.

It is so fuckin common, right? Not taking action when you're out with your buddies, just boys night out, eh? Fuck it. Eventually I get tired and bored of sitting and not doing anything except watching, get my ass up and dive into the heat on floor.

Glory. Approached 10+ girls that night. It's a small club, so it felt like I've approached almost everybody. Got tons of rejections, two very hot girls litterally walked away from me, bitches really pissed me off at the moment, like what the fuck, you're walking away from me??? But it's cool, it's cool. All cool, got some good sets too, some grinding dances, close ups. 

No closes though, but it was a great night nonetheless. Grinded down one hot girl who was in club with her boyfriend, I just extended my hand, she took it, I spin her and I in her, heavy grinding, I'm about to make out with her, and then she leaves me, and a minute later I see her holding hands with some chode. I try to take her again, but she can't.

Awesome anyway. Oh, I also hooked up my buddy with some girls. He's a good looking well built dude, but has no game, or should I say, he doesn't game and has little experience. He just won't approach. So I go in first, and he comes in later, introduce him, and later leave him with girls, he danced with them all night, but didn't push further, while I was embarassing myself approaching every other girl left in club, haha.

Now that I think about it, I was outcome dependent all night, I just wanted to touch grind and feel those girls, and some got creeped out by that, but some liked that. It's all good.

Sunday (Easter).  I meet my old buddies again, and we go for a ride around the town, catching up on each other and talking men stuff.

Later in the night I decide to approach some girls in the street, outside the club. One of my friends is willing to wing me, cool. We see two girls standing waiting for something and we hit on them. I introduce myself to one of them, then go and hug the hotter one. Right in her face, holding her hands I talk to her, and she seems to be enjoying it. But before I can proceed further their taxi comes and they jump into the car. Cockblock & Co Taxi Services, 24/7.

I'm hooked on emotion by now and I want more. In the horizon I see a 3set, and I drag my friend to run after them. Slow down, when we get closer, don't want to scare them, it's 3am after all, so it takes a while till we catch up with them. 2 girls and one guy. I open them from across the street. Then run over to their side and introduce myself to everyone. My friend just follows me, but doesn't even introduce himself, just walks beside me, which is fine, I guess. He's shy. I'm not so much, I don't know why, but there was little to none approach anxiety.

One of the girls is a very hot blonde, the other's not, more like a piggy girl, you know the type. The dude is, uhm, he's fine, the dude is alright, was more like a spectator. I talked almost exclusively with the hot girl only, she was pretty firendly and receptive, but not involving in my romantic game shit, not willing to look me in the eyes, touch me or anything. That's understandable, she doesn't want to be judged by her piggy girlfriend and that third guy, plus there's my buddy besides me, and it's after 3 am in the morning, and she's probably tired.

It was a good set anyway, I think she liked me, laughed at my jokes, vibed a little, and ... we could have totally bed each other :D
...but, maybe some other time. I let them go home.

We get picked up by our friends and go home.

Great fucking night. I had a massive headache all throughout the day but totally forgot it while chatting those girls up. It's amazing how much potential our bodies have to cure themselves in the times of need. A need for fun!

All is good brothers, as you see, I've not completely retreated to meditate in a cave ;)

Thank you for reading, feedback, comments and everything else is welcome!
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