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Some quick report from the field from the very unknown town I was in for one day on my day off from work, Alone. 

No friends there, no guidance, no map, nothing. What's the right thing to do? Go and get some cold approaches done and get lost in the beautiful Old Town doing that. Gun to my head (imaginary, let's say...), LET's GO! 

Approach -wise I go crazy. Opening girls left and right. It is day time by the way, but the main street in center is FULL of GORGEOUS GIRLS. Amazing. Except the fact that most them just ignore me. FUck. 

Amp it up. I try to speak louder. Open one girl from acroos the street! She just smiles and keeps going but I get unstifled. I try some physical opening, extending my hand and try to claw the passing girls a couple times. They giggle, but no. 

I claw one girl by the elbow, cute tiny little girl. She is very shy, says doesn't speak to them strangers like me. I am dangerous stranger, hahahaha. I persist. She's not down. NEXT! 

And next and next. I open LOTS of girls. Got one phoine number too! Which, I didn't follow up, because I am stupid lazy. I fell asleep, not only missing the possibly awesome meet up with a vey cute and sexy and stylish and sophisticated girl (all good except for her missing tooth... no, i'm kidding, she is very fine little woman), but I also overslept night game time and possibly amazing night out in an amazing local infamous club. FUCK!!! 

I was quite angry at myself. But not for long. I love myself at the end of the day. Almost always. Cause I did good job. ANd I got lost in the town too! 

good fun timez. Peace & love brothers. 

Key point: Just get it out, speak up a little bit! Girls must hear you and acknowledge your presence. Feels damn lame to be ignored ;) 
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 I haven't missed a day in field for a little bit more than two weeks at the moment. WHich is very cool and an achievement in itself for me. Personal record. I will try to keep it to a month. 

So I can clearly state what my biggest sticking points are, at this phase of my development as a man. 

1. Vocal tonality/vocal projection, weak voice overall. I slip into TR mode way too much. My voice is usually coming off weak and stifled, not loud enough. 
This has been my biggest sticking point since I was born probably, and I still haven't improved it much. 

Gotta put more efforts into speaking loud. And add more BR tonality as often as I can (remember). 

2. I am too gentle/soft/nice/ whatever... If a girl is receptive, I do fine. But if a girl puts up an initial shield of defense/standoffishness (is there such a word?) I just don't have an ability to cut through that (yet). Can't get her to respond basically, feel something towards me. I am just too easy to ignore, if a girl want to ignore me, if you know what I mean. 

It directly correlates with sticking point number 1.  If I become louder and more breaking tonality-wise comfortable, it should auto correct over time. 

So yeah, big pain in the ass sticking point, there's only one - voice -- volume and tonality

I don't want to whine, but it is damn hard to work on this when you're out solo, so any advice or feedback is welcome. 

Just wanted to document these. Till next time. Some FRs are coming up later this week :) 
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 I've just got facebook contacts of a super hot girl! Awesome stuff! 

2set, I was very chill entire time of the interaction, and it was the girls who asked me for my contact info at the end of it. Cool. Of course, I could've asked for and taken their phone number(s), but I decided not to do it, my reasoning being not wanting to come off too needy - as I've showed and stated my interest quite clearly during the set - and I figured that facebook info was solid enough to build a bridge for us to meet again. 

Or at least I hope so :) 

Cause again, the main girl is SUPER HOT. Her friend is very cute too. So I kinda really want to meet her again, and I tried to execute the best strategy I could think of at the moment on how to achieve it. We'll see how it all works out. 

I am trying all my best not to be outcome dependent, but she obviously liked me, and honestly, sex with this girl would take my life to the next level, haha. (Hers too. )

P.S. I've approached these girls after watching Tyler's video on Meditation, maybe that is why I managed to be so chill and normal (I think...) around such a hot hot hottie. 

No joke, I'm thinking about starting daily meditation habit :/ 

KEY POINT(s): there's only one - go out and cold approach, it is worth it ;) 
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 Hello everybody who is cool enough to check my blog out! yay, good stuff here in my land. 

've been pimpin it up for about 10 consecutive days straight, approaching like madman in several bars, hitting up chicks in the airport, and now, for over a week - hitting the streets of my new temporary base town. Crazy. 

Night game I was doing only once, approached about 20-30 girls that night. Got wasted too, first time this year, so wasted that I missed my plane the following morning. Ahh. But day after that I approached 10-15 girls in the airports. Got a phone number from a very solid lawyer girl. Damn sexy chick. 

Today I finally KISS closed a chick ON the STREET. On park bench. PARK BENCH! Like Eckhart Tolle ;) 

It took me an hour but I grabbed her by the ass and kissed her. What's funny, she doesn't even speak english... And I don't speak her language :) that shit doesn't matter, non-verbal communication baby! Wheee 

So yeah, I'm in a promised land right now, many hot girl around, it's paradise. Too bad I am still working my soul destroying job all day long, so I can let myself only spend about half an hour per evening cruising the streets. Today I spent more and it cost me my dinner :( only had a soup, but it was good soup. And a beer. And I paid for her sprite, but who cares. 

So that's that, more details coming soon. Summer challenge is on! 
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 Yeah baby. I can approach like a madman. Seems so. Haven't been in field for a couple of months, went out yesterday to the streets and approached about 15 girls or maybe more. No problem. 

Super excited about this. 

I used to FEAR cold approach. Well, it is not the case anymore. Got a phone number from a very cute girl, a hug and a huge massive boner. Haven't touched a girl for like two months, so it's very nice feeling, to feel the female body again. Even if its just a hug. 

My opener was 'I love you'. 


KEY POINT(S): there's only one - approach the very first girl you see when you're out. If you miss those first girls, your pretty much done. (for beginners)  
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 I haven't been out for a long long time now. It slowly kills me. I feel frustrated and feel the need for speed, ahem, for some girl action. Just talking to a strange female would be awesome. 

- sad 6pac
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 Damn. It's my day off from work, and I had my weekly trip to the shop and laundry, and had my somewhat half an hour to meet some human beings with, *ahem* vagina between their legs (as opposed to the *ahem* whatever, forget it...). 

... and I approached a fat chick with a dog!!! 

And I was seriously attracted to her, like, I mean, I had a hardcore erection directed at her boobies, kinda cute face, and kinda soft ass and voice. You know. After 6 dry weeks, I'd totally do her. But I didnt push for the close. 

I was more considerate what my colleagues (one of them was seeing this going down) would think, than what a girl would think. A big, juicy girl that I was 100% attracted to. 

After seeing last Tyler's video, there was this nasty question hovering in my head, would I fuck a fatty? Now, I know the answer, which is ultimately yes, I would fuck the shit out of any cuter looking fatty right now. That's how sexually frustrated I feel. 

It's getting emotional man. This blog. I just wanted to document my feelings and thoughts at the moment, as I'm sure, it will be very interesting to read couple months on from now. As I hopefully will be geting some and not dead pigs for my dinners. 

Said that, I'm doing fine, but nature calls for me, so I have to go. Ciao. 
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 Yo nation, I have some advice for the people who don't get out of their cubicles much. Fuck it, this is AMAZING advice for EVERYBODY. 

Go to the nature

Turn your cell phone off, go barefoot, deep breathly, shout some nonsense into the air. Seriously. The best thing you can do to get into that feel good state. 

Do that for yourself. Going for a hike to the forest won't get you girls, but it will make you feel good, you'll get flow of good emotions and happiness. And this is the very reason why you want to get girls (MAINLY). So don't wait for girls, go outdoors, go to where nature is and FEEL GOOD RIGHT NOW! 

P.S. I just got back after a barefoot walk in the wild beach, with a strong wind and stormy sea attacking me constantly, and I have a smile on my face so big, I only have after a really good blowjob. Speaking in RSD fashion.

Get out into nature. You'll thank me later. 
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 Yo, nation. Two thing to say. 

1) I've approached a girl today. Beautiful and sexy girl, awesome! ~5 min convo with her and bye, but it was the most beautiful five minutes I've had this month, so awesome. 

2) I'm coming to Chicago. This autumn. Shit gets real in September, hehe :) United States, here I come, to rock you like a hurricane!  

That's about it. Working hard here. I feel good, becauseI have been working. If your not working, then you should be wroking. Who said that? Puff Daddy. 

So yeah, get money, get rolling. Approach blonde girls, they're more firendly :) peace. 
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 Some NEW goals yo! Actually, its the same old ones, only semanthically adjusted. But first review of my "old" ones and evaluations of my actions during the past week. 

My social life is dead, as I've already mentioned in my previous entry, my meant to be big summer challenge is down, well, it's on STAND BY position right now, postponed brothers, not dead. 
I've had about three or four opportunities to approach and talk to a girl last week, however I was so out of zone, that durrr logic work mode state of mind, that I have let every single of those opportunities to pass by me. 
Chode, I know. That has to change. 

My current life consist of me sleeping/resting in the night, waking up and eating some eggs for breakfast, working, eating lunch and washing dishes, more WORKING, eating dinner, preparing tomorrow's meal, showering, hammering down occassional beer and going to sleep. Sometimes I have time to read RSD nation and check some social networks before I go to sleep, sometimes I don't. Girls? Forget about it. There are NO GIRLS, not right now not in my situation anyway for me. The only time I can theoretically meet some girls is once a week when we go to buy some food to the nearest shop. It's like army, only worse. 

Why I write this? So that one day I read this and laugh at the image of me at this point, haha. I occassionally do laugh even now, never lose that positive expectations. Just the way I am, positive side everywhere I go. Dollar dollar bill ya'll! 

Now, to the GOALS. 

o Cold Approach Pick-Up. That is hands down primary goal. I don't think so much about any other subject in my life, so that's about time to get this area handled. Fuck, let's be honest. I'm pretty good with girls, all I need is to get to the place where there are girls. Consistently. AKA go out every night. I'm fairly confident that's all I need. I can meet girls, I can spike their interest, I can be calm and relaxed and amusing around cute girls, with practice I will be able to be like that around really hot girls in future. Right now, I'm good for what I am, I just want to put myself in action and see how good I really are. Am. Whatever. 
Long term goal? Crazy-ass beasting gangsta pimp, dangerous from the first eye-contact, heart breaking hot-ass bitches mothafucka. 

o Physical Supremacy. That's no brainer either. Just beast, lean and mean fighting machine :) HEALTHY too. I imagine myself doing inverted push ups on a turn bar at age 65. 

o Mental Supremacy. Get my emotions under control and take my life to the next level ;) APPLY what I've learned from Tony Robbins and Owen Cook, as well as all other great sources and materials out there. Strong frame. Strong reality. Become the rock AND the water :) 

 I wanna be loud. With my voice and with my presence. Give myself permission to fully express myself. 

o Dollar Sign. I wanna develop the ability to make cash. Consistently not occassionally. Just fucking get financially secure. So I can travel, go to the best clubs in the world and eat the best food. Oh yeah, RSD bootcamp too, that's granted. 

o Contribution. Be the best person I can be. Be a fucking hero and help a sad person to find a smile in his or her world. And yeah, save girls from the chodes. 

How sick would that be? I mean, if I had a solid as rock belief that my main purpose in this life is to save hot-ass cute girls from the tyranny of chodes? :) that'd be SiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiCK! The illest belief ever. 

I'm only half kidding. I'd write down my action plan too, buuuut, I'll save it for some other time. Time for bed now! 

See ya in the next town! 
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