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Anybody who says they don't know what they want is lying. Most likely and often to themselves primarily.

In our modern society, lack of knowledge is not a problem. The only problem is lack of action.

Everybody knows what they want, they just don't go after what they want. When you consistently don't do things that you want to do, you develop a habit for it, a bad one.

For me, saying 'i don't know what i want' is just a fucking excuse to cover up for your fears and desires. It's difficult to face them and deal with 'em, so we rationalize that we're not sure if we really want to. Bullshit.
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I'd have to respectfully disagree homie. I mean, for myself, my desires and goals are constantly evolving. As I gain more reference experiences I slowly change, and start to want different things.

I would agree though that people do use the "i don't know what i want." as an excuse to not take action.

so that's why I think having a general direction is important. It's also important to continuously refine and hone that vision. Remember that book that owen talked about called THE NARROW ROAD? It's by felix dennis. He basically talks about having a clear focus or goal, then walking as directly a line as possible towards that goal. A lot of people lack vision though, which is why their path is so skewed and fucked up.

IDK man. I like the fact that you're action oriented! and you've been doing all those approaches. Feels good huh?
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I agree that the goals change and evolve, but I'd still insist that you know what you want. Maybe you can't choose if you want a Porsche or a speedboat more, but you know you want them for the same reason. Like you said, the general direction where you want to go doesn't change that much.

I haven't read The Narrow Road (yet), but Michael Jordan in his book Driven From Within also said that he never has any specific goals for the future, only the vision of what he wants. However I believe that everybody has a vision for themselves, but not everybody accept it or take it seriously, or abandon it altogether. High school alone does a very good job to kill those dreams and visions for most.

At least it's true in my case.

Thank you for the feedback, bro! Yeah, it feels good to take some action! It's hard to get my ass up in the beginning, but it's worth it.
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