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Quick evaluation of the past week and some of my goals for the next one. I think these weekly reviews are good way to keep track of what and how I'm doing, I like it, and I want to keep logging these every sunday/monday.

Last week was one big wave, awesome, going up, and then crashing down, not so awesome. It's all good, all are valuable experiences so I don't care anymore.

I approached around 20-25 girls last week, closed a couple of numbers and initiated a couple of insta-dates, proceeded with one day2. All of this in the first half of the week. Beast timez, yo!

Second half of the week was not so good. I got paranoid, success barriers and different fears came to the surface and I froze into one bitter chumpy dude, which - taking fancy words away - means I became passive.

Could be much worse so I'm not complaining.


> 5 days in field, cold approaching, process oriented, inducing F(to the)U(to the)N.

> Cut the damn sugar (how did I end up eating sugar anyway>?) .

> No money no honey - make a plan for $.

> Plan the trip to Asia.

> Read books.

> Move out from GF.

> Write write write [keep the blog].

> Talk more.

> Take a look at these goals during the week, not just at another weekly evaluating post.

That is all. Have a rad week!
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