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I am keeping it. Week in, week out. Evaluations and goals for next week. Concentrated.

Looking back on a past week, it's funny, it was a damn good week overall, but game-wise it wasn't. It was the most passive week since I've started cold approaching. I did 10+ approaches in total, so it's not too bad though. Got one facebook close, yay~!

I've expected it to be a week more rad, but it is what it is. Paraphrasing one of the greatest advices I ever saw in forums, "Stop expecting anything, stop dreaming about heights and good results, and just focus on what's in front of you, focus on doing the right thing at the moment.  (credit: Shevtshenko, from PS community) 

[Reviewing my goals], I failed to go out 5 days, well, I did go out 5 days, but did approaches only on 4 of them, so it's a close call. But I intended to go out AND approach for five days. I'm still making no money. Ate too much sugar and other junk overall. Trip is not planned. Books, I read them, but not too much. I have moved out from my gf for four days but now I'm back, so I haven't really moved out, and we fucked yesterday for christ sake. Write, I do that, still haven't missed a single day of blogging. Talk more, what was this about, I did talk quite a lot.

Quick evaluation - I'm a BIG MESS. But I had a lot fun this week. Problem is, I like it, being a mess. I want to be better, but I feel happy where I am right now. It's not a problem to be happy, but I have to move forward anyway. Even if at a very slow pace. FORWARD.


> 5 days in field doing cold approach, pushing my comfort zone

> focus on $ situation, plan, research, give a shot, look for a job possibilities

> do some research on places I want to visit in Asia

> keep the blog alive and updated

> cut the sugar, eat more veggies

> replace news reading and passive surfing into book reading

> strut like John Travolta

> breathe like Buddha

That is all, beast mode ON!
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I forgot one more important goal for me: 

> Get Organized! Write down on paper what I want to do, jot down the ideas, thoughts and everything else, make plans on my paper not just in my head.

Now, it's all!
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Thank you so much for the post.

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