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 Damn. It's my day off from work, and I had my weekly trip to the shop and laundry, and had my somewhat half an hour to meet some human beings with, *ahem* vagina between their legs (as opposed to the *ahem* whatever, forget it...). 

... and I approached a fat chick with a dog!!! 

And I was seriously attracted to her, like, I mean, I had a hardcore erection directed at her boobies, kinda cute face, and kinda soft ass and voice. You know. After 6 dry weeks, I'd totally do her. But I didnt push for the close. 

I was more considerate what my colleagues (one of them was seeing this going down) would think, than what a girl would think. A big, juicy girl that I was 100% attracted to. 

After seeing last Tyler's video, there was this nasty question hovering in my head, would I fuck a fatty? Now, I know the answer, which is ultimately yes, I would fuck the shit out of any cuter looking fatty right now. That's how sexually frustrated I feel. 

It's getting emotional man. This blog. I just wanted to document my feelings and thoughts at the moment, as I'm sure, it will be very interesting to read couple months on from now. As I hopefully will be geting some and not dead pigs for my dinners. 

Said that, I'm doing fine, but nature calls for me, so I have to go. Ciao. 
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