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Indeed it does. However not exactly how I envisioned it, but WHATEVER, it has to be done in any way, nice or ugly, irrelevant.

First off - I won't be going to London after all. Shame as it is, but I got a much better job elsewhere, money-wise, and I took the opportunity. In my situation right now, it is sad, but money comes first, I'm just sick and tired of living on other people's shoulders, like some fucking dweeb, I want to pay off all my debts and just straight myself out financially, so I can at least can have the food I want on my plate, not some junk but quality food, afford different kinds of trainings, like martial arts and (maybe one day) RSD Bootcamp, and most of all just leave my old lazy self behind.

NEW IDENTITY! I am, as of this moment and forward - a hard-working productive man. A lazy boy must die.

Of course it's not gonna happen overnight. I know better. But over the period of this summer I believe I can set myself on the right path, IF I work at it. If I stick to this new identity, I'll make different decisions, better decisions some % more than before. I'll take right action some % more than before. I'll pimp some % harder than before.
And it's already GREAT, even if that "some %  is only 0.01%, I don't care.

I mean, I feel good right now, I feel like I am a pretty cool and decent mothefucker right now, if I can improve on that by at least 1% - A to W to the E etc - mofackin AWESOME and huge props to me.

So yeah, I sold my summer. And for a couple of days I meditated on this idea and felt like sedated and strangely strange and melancholic. I even forgot completely about my summer challenge intentions.

Actually, I just rememberd that it is summer already only a couple of hours ago. It was like, fuck, I was asleep. Time to wake up! 

And went straight to the mall. Delivered some food to the poor and homeless on my way (contribution!). That's a good deed. And went for cold approaches.

Did 3 of them. That is cool, even if I intended to do 5 approaches. My action taking process sucked. Kinda. I approached three very cute girls. One of them went really well and she liked me right off the bat but I was too much of a to escalate on that.

Why was I too much of a pussy? Maybe because I was asleep for last few days and didn't go out to cold approach, and had no social momentum and habit to open strangers going on me. Yeah, probably that. Definetely that.

Good news it is easily fixable. MOMENTUM. That is the answer.

Next day I will hit harder. And it will be awesome.

Till then - PIMP IT!
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