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I want to make a public commitment to the RSD Nation.

If I follow through with this, it's going to be a life-changing experience for my social life.

Rules of the challenge:

o Go out every day/night (beast mode) for the duration of the summer - 92 days, starting on June 1st, finish line on August 31st.

o "Go out" means go out AND approach girls.

o Push myself beyond comfort zone and go for a close as much as I can.


o Find a wingman, if not, solo is fine.

o Keep track of it here on RSD Nation (if I have internet connection), otherwise get some paper journal going on.

o Have fun :)

Goal to Strive for:

o Ten lays. (o_x)

Other Notes:

There are still three weeks till the summer, I want to get warmed up and some social momentum going on before the challenge.

I haven't yet decided where I'm gonna do it or how, I guess the location will be wherever I get a job. Preferrably a big city or beach resort.

Tune out negativity, focus on what's positive and be prepared to take massive action.
Leave my girlfriend, leave my friends and family out of it, no facebook, a complete change of environment would be ideal.


! If anyone here wants to join me - DO THAT (contact me here or thru PM), I don't want to do this alone !
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Smash Adams

Smash Adams


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 6pac is back!

PIMP it!
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Senior Member

Join Date: 02/11/2012 | Posts: 205

yo, thanks bro!

PIMP it! :)
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Join Date: 03/15/2012 | Posts: 82

Dude, I think im going to hop on your plan.
I seem to work faster and harder under a time constraint so this summer challenge seems perfect.
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