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 Hello everybody who is cool enough to check my blog out! yay, good stuff here in my land. 

've been pimpin it up for about 10 consecutive days straight, approaching like madman in several bars, hitting up chicks in the airport, and now, for over a week - hitting the streets of my new temporary base town. Crazy. 

Night game I was doing only once, approached about 20-30 girls that night. Got wasted too, first time this year, so wasted that I missed my plane the following morning. Ahh. But day after that I approached 10-15 girls in the airports. Got a phone number from a very solid lawyer girl. Damn sexy chick. 

Today I finally KISS closed a chick ON the STREET. On park bench. PARK BENCH! Like Eckhart Tolle ;) 

It took me an hour but I grabbed her by the ass and kissed her. What's funny, she doesn't even speak english... And I don't speak her language :) that shit doesn't matter, non-verbal communication baby! Wheee 

So yeah, I'm in a promised land right now, many hot girl around, it's paradise. Too bad I am still working my soul destroying job all day long, so I can let myself only spend about half an hour per evening cruising the streets. Today I spent more and it cost me my dinner :( only had a soup, but it was good soup. And a beer. And I paid for her sprite, but who cares. 

So that's that, more details coming soon. Summer challenge is on! 
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 KEY POINT(S): ther's only one - P A T I E N C E. When I realized that she doesn't speak much of an english I could have dropped it all and go about my ways, buuuut I decided to stick to her and it paid off eventually :) I guess you just have to stay "in set" as long as it takes for you 
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