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This will be a quick one. As the day game session was a fast one. Brief and intense, hitting the field primal style.

Not really, to be honest, I was stifled. For one reason or another I did not warm my voice, and after the first approach I realized I'm stifled as a m*^(029er. My voice was weak, so I made my approaches weak. Not pushing, going light, too light on them girlies.

That's a crucial mistake really, I depend too much on the quality of my voice, even if it's weak and I sound like a Mickey Mouse I should plow thru nevertheless. Just a note for myself.

Despite all good intentions I got in my head, and kinda lost all swagger. Approached five girls anyway! One of them was gorgeous, blonde, angel face girl with a naughty mind (c'mon, you know it!). I said 'you look really beautiful', and believe me brothers, she really does. But because I sounded like Mickey Mouse giving compliments she didn't hang.

All girls were very attractive, only I was stupid, cupid. Next time!
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 Great to hear that you kept it up even when feeling stifled—that is sure way to press through and get better. You might practice being LOUDER all the time. In my own journey, I noticed that being loud in all interactions (except when interacting with superiors, bosses, professors, etc.) made people respond better to me over all. Now it is naturally a part of how I speak with people, just fucking LOUD for no reason. Since you seem positive and friendly, people will like it, the environment responds to YOU, and then being unstifled comes automatically.

And yes, it will feel weird at first, but keep at it; then, one day, you'll notice it's become a part of you.
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Thank you for the feedback and good words, Aaron! And you read my mind too, I want to get louder, for years probably, and I'm trying to, but maybe not hard enough.
I was never a 'loud' dude, so it's a bit difficult to break through all those years of being quiet, also people who known me for years don't really appreciate it, because I disturb their image of me by being louder than usual. And yeah, lately I've forgotten consciously try to be louder. Might just get back at it.
GREAT advice, man, I really appreciate it.
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