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 So I have a job. That's a good news. Bad news?  it is fucken soul destroying. 

Why? Not even had I to give up on and postpone to the autumn my summer challenge, challenge of going out for 90 days straight, but I also am working 13 hours a day, seeing no women, by seeing I mean there is NO WOMEN for me to even look at, just zero feminine presence. And I live with three other dudes. My coworkers. They are all I see. And the work that I do. 

Soul detroying, man. I haven't had a boner for a WEEK. Longest time ever since I was a little kid maybe. 
I had one today, because I checked facebook, looked at first pic with some random girl I barely know, got massive boner and closed it forever. Seriously I don't even want those kind of distractions because my dick forgot about it all. LOL. 

It's not that bad. It's just been one week of me working. And one week passed since I last approached some girl. It was super awesome! 

It is awersome now too. I am building serious work ethics and making some good money for myself, so come autumn I can hit it up like never before. I mean I'm serious about this pick up shit. Seriously serious. 

Am I rationalizing? Rationalizing that I have to work instead of going out? FUCK YOU. I am not. 

Did I make a mistake taking this job? Maybe. I don't know, it might have been a mistake, it might have been the best possible decision for me at the moment. 

I made decision to commit to this job, so that will I do. And if any girl cross my way, baby, it's game on, even if I'm dirty and smell like shit. Tomorrow I will probably have my first day off, so we'll see. I might happen to meet some girls. 

Work hard, play hard. 

It is a SHAME I failed on my summer callenge, but fuck it, let's stay positive, work HARD, and then I'm done, PLAY even harder. 
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