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Yesterday was raining even more than on previous day, super rainy. Sucks, really. To be honest I only did three approaches.

Let's call this week "keep it small week & play small ball game".

I also got scared and didn't approach a girl whom my dick really liked and would have appreciated a lot. Embarassed to tell you this doesn't happen that often in the day time, especially not when it's so obnoxiously raining. What an angel, she had that "blow job smile" and daisy eyes.

In the rain it sucks, because you can't evaluate most girls before approaching as they hide under their hoodies and umbrellas.

Also I choded out on the opportunity to go hit some night club, it was karaoke night. Students' party too. Should have gone. I had to wake up early today, so that was my rationalization, but damn, now I regret it.

And the [Sister Girl] I met two weeks ago found me on facebook and invited to be friends. I never gave her my last name or anything, fucking scary when you think about how little privacy one has these days, eh.
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