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And that is to sit at home as opposed to going out and interacting with other human beings, preferrably with a between their legs.

I've been choding out last couple of days, been "busy" you know.


I am visiting my gf, so there'll be couple more days of cherishing and no game. Which is fine, I love it, but as much as I love it, I also have a deep desire to develop my game. Which I will, eventually.

I'm trying to enjoy it all though, keeping myself positive, smashing some good work outs this week, getting back to a cool healthy diet. As a matter of fact, I just bought and brought home three pounds of beef, that's gonna be some awesome dinner yo.

So yeah, I'm a bit all over the place here, juggling going out and long term relationship, a bit jealous of Tyler and his management skills, a bit jealous for all the single guys out there, but it's all good, I have a very cool life, grateful for it, and thing is, I want to enjoy and be normal sometimes.

Not for long though, this summer already reserved to be a summer of long uncomfortable(fun!) adventure.

After all this, title makes no sense at all, does anyone care? I thought so.

Chill peace.
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Oh, and I kill bots for breakfast, so was the last halima's post :( it was tasty though   -_x
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