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:) okay. So I am currently consciously putting my efforts and mental focus on talking loud. I want to improve in this area, I want to talk loudly unconsciously, without much efforts. That is my goal, in order to achieve it I know I have to put A LOT OF conscious efforts. 

In my work there is a guy, whom maybe because he's a little deaf or whatever the reason I don't care, but if I don't speak loud and clear enough, he will always goes "What?!" :) very much like that character from movie Pulp Fiction, but when I do speak loud and clear he doesn't say "What?!". 

At first it was very annoying and I would even get pissed off at him, but now I realize that that's actually what I need. This guy and his "what?"  is like a present from the Gods or something to me. 

So. This week I am determined to hear no more "What?" from him. Enough. 

Speak clear and loud. 

That's all I wanted to say and share for today.  


P.S. this scene is one of my favorites ever in movies history, just EPIC, nothing else. 

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