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 I haven't missed a day in field for a little bit more than two weeks at the moment. WHich is very cool and an achievement in itself for me. Personal record. I will try to keep it to a month. 

So I can clearly state what my biggest sticking points are, at this phase of my development as a man. 

1. Vocal tonality/vocal projection, weak voice overall. I slip into TR mode way too much. My voice is usually coming off weak and stifled, not loud enough. 
This has been my biggest sticking point since I was born probably, and I still haven't improved it much. 

Gotta put more efforts into speaking loud. And add more BR tonality as often as I can (remember). 

2. I am too gentle/soft/nice/ whatever... If a girl is receptive, I do fine. But if a girl puts up an initial shield of defense/standoffishness (is there such a word?) I just don't have an ability to cut through that (yet). Can't get her to respond basically, feel something towards me. I am just too easy to ignore, if a girl want to ignore me, if you know what I mean. 

It directly correlates with sticking point number 1.  If I become louder and more breaking tonality-wise comfortable, it should auto correct over time. 

So yeah, big pain in the ass sticking point, there's only one - voice -- volume and tonality

I don't want to whine, but it is damn hard to work on this when you're out solo, so any advice or feedback is welcome. 

Just wanted to document these. Till next time. Some FRs are coming up later this week :) 
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