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Yesterday I was out in the streets, approaching. What did you do? Anyway, I've approached 8 girls, all cute, everyone of them I was attracted to. In the night it's allright, but during the day approaching fatties is gay. You know.

First four approaches I did very quickly, all in ten minutes, just bam bam bam, one after another, very quickly. I couldn't believe I didn't procrastinate, cool shit. But then I slowed down. After fifth approach I was happy to have my mission of approaching 5 girls completed, and I stopped pushing myself and started to chode around, 'looking for a girl I might have a connection with'. Half an hour later I snap out of the trance and approach three more. Done.

Still I was feeling a bit unsatisfied because none of these sets went anywhere, almost all of them asked 'do I know you?' My opening is kinda lame too, I open with 'hi, how are you?' , so a lot of times girls just say 'I'm fine', smiles and keeps going. Well, doesn't matter, approach = success, right? 

One girl was interested, but she was in a hurry to a music school, so let her go. What I should have done instead was to go with her and keep the conversation. Obviously, duh.

I have to be more assertive and bring more aggresion to the table. Another thing, I've only approached lone girls so far, so I have to amp it up a little and go for the pairs too. Today my mission is the same, 5 approaches, except one of them has to be a pair of girls, a 2set. And try to push interactions a bit harder.

In the evening, walking my dog, I approached one more girl, without much stress and very chill. She got scared anyway, it was dark outside, the place was well lit but you could tell she was feeling uncomfortable. She was a cutie too, it's a damn shame.

So, in total I made 9 approaches yesterday. Nice, more than last week.

It feels like I've stabbed my inner chump who's anxious to approach and now what I have to do is twist the knife and let him bleed it out.
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