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It's already been a month since I joined RSD Nation and started my blog. I haven't missed a SINGLE DAY! Whoa, a disciplined man, didn't know that.

I wanted back in the game, therefore I made a decision to start a blog here, to add some more motivation to go out. And I did. Slowly, bit by bit, I started going out, scared as a cat, anxious to approach, frustrated even. I kept at it though, finally I found myself in a situation where I could approach a girl, then I started proactively looking for those situations, gradually expanding situations where I feel comfortable or just able to approach a girl.

All approaches were during the day (except this weekend), but I guess day game is good for starters, it gets you out, gets you some smiles and convos, as well as it gets you accustomed to "rejections", because most girls don't want to talk to you, they're busy or whatever, and you realize it is no big deal.

Also you learn many other little or big lessons along the way and gain precious reference experiences.

And it's all good! I'm still ballin :)


►Game. The only thing I need is more experience. Hence the plan is to keep going out and get those experiences. Keep pushing the comfort zone and face my social fears.

►I also want to move to a different city and go all out, 'nah mean? I'm thinking about Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen or London.

►Also, I have a pending trip to one special country in Asia, for a couple of weeks in the end of next month. To culture shock the shit out of my mind, and maybe get killed or survive it.

►Also, I'm almost broke. Ain't got no job and little money left. So, I have to find some income or become a manwhore.

►Also, I have a girlfriend situation to deal with.

►Also, get back on healthy track, been eating too many sugar and too little veggies lately. Flip that.

►Also, keep this blog alive. It is one of the few right things I am doing.

►Also, read books more. I fell off the reading wagon lately and been lazy at this.

►Also, cut the time of mindless web surfing and passive entertainment.

And Write faster. That is all for now. I will keep this updated.

Your feedback is welcome, as always.
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